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Wave Sports + Entertainment Inks signs exclusive deal with CultureCams

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Los Angeles – (business wire)– Wave Sports + Entertainment, the leader in next-generation sports storytelling, has signed an exclusive deal with. culture camOne of the fastest growing voices on football Twitter, FTBL is growing at a record pace as hopes for the 2022 World Cup grow.

A born Manchester United fan, but with a passion for the game that replaces one football club, CultureCams combines his signature intimate commentary with an exceptionally deep knowledge of global football. . Not afraid to voice his opinion, he is known for his very honest and funny take on players, coaches, teams, leagues and the culture of football. CultureCams’ creator credentials include co-hosting the ‘FIVE formation’ with former England and Manchester United great Rio Ferdinand. Co-host of the acclaimed instant his reaction video podcast “StoppageTime TV”. He also produces, produces and hosts GoalTV. He is based out of his London hub for the WSE.

said Tunde (TD) St. Matthew-Daniel Senior Vice President. , original content, wave sports + entertainment. “For his Cup of Worlds later this year, his ability to combine insightful football commentary from CultureCams with relevant pop references to his culture will make him unique to his fans of both British and American football. It gives it a nice crossover appeal, and better.”

CultureCams said: WSE has the reach and resources to make a big impact on the football community, especially on young fan audiences around the world. My advice to all his football fans is to stay subscribed, lock in and let’s embark on this journey together. let’s go! ”

WSE has several original shows already in development for future launch dates, and CultureCams will debut on FTBL social channels for the kickoff weekend of the English Premier League. In advance, fans can chat privately with CultureCams, delve into what viewers can expect from him, test their football knowledge, and hear predictions for the upcoming season at a series of live social events. . The details are as follows.

Friday, August 5th

  • CultureCams Viewer Q&A during Arsenal vs. Crystal Palace

    • @FTBL Instagram: 11:30 AM PST | 2:30 PM ET | 7:30 PM GMT (Running time: 15-20 minutes)

    • @FTBL TikTok: 12:00pm PST | 3:00pm ET | 8:00pm GMT (runs 15-20 minutes)

Saturday, August 6th

  • CultureCams x Matchday Twitter during takeover Everton vs Chelsea

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