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USDA leverages the latest technology and digital tools to improve customer service

Posted by Megen Davis, Strategic Planning, Information Resource Management Center, Chief Information Officer Office of Technology

July 28, 2022

2022-2026 IT Strategy Plan Cover

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is being promoted to lead the delivery of customer-centric data-driven services throughout the federal government. Our goal is to accelerate the use of the latest technologies and digital tools that our internal and external customers expect in every aspect of their lives. We have made great strides in advancing technology capabilities, including the establishment of the Chief Data Officer Office (CDO) and Customer Experience Office (OCX). Through the IT Modernization Initiative, the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) office has made great strides in modernizing its information technology (IT) infrastructure to its current state.

While these advances are a promising start, we will continue to strive to develop innovative solutions to support and enhance US farmers, ranchers, foresters, producers and consumers to achieve USDA’s vision. is needed. The recently released USDAIT Strategic Plan (PDF, 19 MB) identifies goals, objectives, and strategies that the US Department of Agriculture will use to continually improve its service to US citizens. This IT plan has been added to the 2022-2026 Divisional Strategic Plan (PDF, 9.6 MB), with a collective focus on significant improvements in livelihoods and livelihoods across the United States.

Both plans aim to set new standards of excellence in customer experience and service. When the American public interacts with USDA, they will get a simple, seamless and secure customer experience comparable to the top consumer experience. USDA customers should be able to:

  • With just a few clicks, you can easily find information about USDA services that may be useful to you via our website homepage, search engine, or phone call to our customer contact center.
  • Fill out forms, provide digital signatures, upload documents, pay for them, and use self-service digital tools to manage government interests and interactions with services.
  • Provides USDA with common information once and controls which data is shared or pre-filled in forms or services between institutions.
  • Available via the web, text / SMS, email, chat, phone, or directly, through self-service, personalization, and agent-provided options, without waiting for answers and on-demand customer support.
  • Schedule and reschedule direct office or field visits online.

We are committed to accelerating and expanding these innovations to improve USDA’s service to our customers. Through the processes and approaches we propose, USDA enables up-to-date service delivery, enhances data-driven decision making, eliminates labor duplication, and reduces costly and error-prone manual processes. You can make great strides to improve your IT workforce and ensure continuity. Strengthening of USDA cyber security system.

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