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Ubasatter Arts & Culture Summarizes Initiative

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July 29-41 years since its founding in 1981, Yubassatter Arts & Culture held a state arts event on Wednesday, launching a new executive officer and influencing the local arts and culture scene. Announced projects and programs. Over the last year.

The non-profit organization was founded five years after the founding of the California Arts Council, said Managing Director David Read. Board members and community members were invited to the event to observe the different ways the group interacted with the art community.

Narinder Dhaliwal, the retired president of a non-profit organization, has reached his term limit after working for three years. She sought motion to approve next-generation executives, including current President Susan Miller, Vice President Tom Galvin, Treasurer Alondra Bain, and her secretary Lira Solazano Rivera. The motion was passed by all board members present.

“I’m going to join the board as a general member and I’m looking forward to Yuba Satter Arts & Culture making a lot of effort for the community,” said Dariwal.

Read gave a presentation on the programs and services established to connect the Yuba-Sutter community with visual, performing arts and cultural arts. He emphasized the diversity, impartiality and dedication to inclusion in the programs and internal structures of nonprofits.

“Diversity, equity and inclusion are not just words for us. When we try to put these words into a whole new way of thinking about what different types of organizations are doing, we have staff, the board of directors, Create fair practices so that the audience, and everyone else, does not turn their backs or become unable to participate. “

During the presentation, he reviewed a list of community art and cultural groups that are still supported by nonprofits, such as dance and theater companies and school festivals. Yubasatter Arts & Culture has also contributed to the organization of new performing arts groups such as the youth theater company Center Stage Production and the jazz orchestra Yubasatter Big Band.

Nonprofits have worked to create several student-based programs that cover visual arts, performing arts, and written arts. By linking students to artistic programs and contests, the organization helped young artists gain awareness of their work, Reed said. Art to End Tobacco encouraged high school students to create art that focuses on the dangers of smoking. According to Reed, over 200 entries became Trump’s deck in the final stages of the project.

Nonprofits have also collaborated with the Parliamentary Art Competition for several years. The award-winning students were given the opportunity to decorate their work at the office of Congressman John Galamendi in Washington, DC. Reed said the contest was also backed by Congressman Dagra Malfa.

Nonprofits are also focusing on establishing community art projects that emphasize the history of the Yuba Satter region, such as a commemorative project for the victims of Japanese detention camps at the Arboga Rally Center. Arts & Culture Board member and Marysville City Council member Stuart Gilchrist designed the project to reflect the steel barracks captured by more than 2,500 Japanese Americans during World War II.

The QR-coded murals are designed to allow visitors to read stories of people stored in the Arboga Assembly and watch videos of people telling their experiences.

“This is a bit of history in our region, Yuba County, and we need to remember,” Reed said.

Nonprofits are planning to integrate more public art projects, including a series of murals on the side of the Satter Theater. A similar mural project was done at Live Oak, according to Reed. He said the previous murals on the sides of the Satter Theater were lost after the walls were resurfaced due to leaks.

In his closing remarks, Reed encouraged attendees to continue to support Yubasatter Arts & Culture, either through membership or by providing donations to restore the Satter Theater Arts Center. Visit for the latest information and membership details on local arts and cultural events.