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Twitter bots have always been a business

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Many of us remember the Twitter revolution. Twitter was social, it was live, it was raw, and it seemed flawed with character limits (which led to some interesting workarounds). I was actually there when I arrived at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin in March 2007. It was truly remarkable.Seeing the value of its brevity, I early users Using Twitter for Business and Social Purposes. The company I was running at the time was reaching out to developers, who were heavy users of Twitter in the early days.

Elon Musk’s takeover on Twitter exposed something that few people could see at the time. became. What they were selling was worse than vaporware. Because the majority of people assumed the “Twitterverse” was real. So I thought these were real people, real trends, real upvotes, real accounts. Twitter’s real business has never been people or their opinions. Over time, unobserved and uncontrolled forces allowed their product to morph through bots, fake accounts, fake followers, fake trends, and fake headlines. I got

Bots are the ultimate hack

It’s no surprise that most people are on the lookout for malicious cyberattacks, but the impact of bots in everyday places stays under the general radar. Bots give people a lot of money, power and influence. Perception of influence is very powerful. The influence of fake accounts and fake campaigns can result in one person becoming president and another being ineligible for the office. They can ruin the reputation of people, groups and companies and spread lies. These influences may cause the cryptocurrency market to thrive (or thrive). They created, or at least influenced, the memestock phenomenon. Wealth can be made or lost through the power of bots, and I have flagged this from the beginning on every available platform.

Bots are tricks that invade our normal, day-to-day forums where we expect other people to interact. This intrusion is the ultimate hack. Because when we participate in forums, social channels, and public conversation arenas, we expect to be with real people in real conversations. But somewhere along the line, somehow, bots have probably infiltrated every platform out there, so that seems highly unlikely.The situation with Twitter proves it.

Worse, and somewhat surprisingly, all of this bot’s clout can be bought for the right price. You can also find all fragments in the ground.

Sunlight also disinfects bots

“Sunlight is said to be the best disinfectant.” This famous phrase by Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis comes to mind during this Twitter debacle. Elon Musk’s campaign hoped that buying Twitter and then refusing to buy it would draw enough sunlight into the room that the public would begin to realize that everything might not be what it seems. hoping.

This event can occur over time, so we’ve decided to change the number of real bots, all fake accounts, and the algorithms that control the inner workings of trends, hashtags, and who gets kicked off the platform. more likely to be confirmed.

loss of credibility

The promise of self-learning and intelligent computing should never have been fulfilled this way. It’s time for events to turn this ship around. It is particularly frustrating that the bot phenomenon could have been prevented with proper authenticity and authentication. These technologies were available in 2007 and are still available today. Despite all the warning signs, Twitter lacked the will to implement them.

In the real world, people are always validating. People don’t stand in the middle of an intersection and get financial advice from passing cars. To take that scenario even further, imagine that the car is self-driving and has a message on it designed to throw money out the window.

That’s not what people do. They go to those who are qualified and can demonstrate their expertise in financial matters. The real world relies on reference, research, and eye-to-eye conversation before forming an opinion or making a decision. Humans always verify.

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Now, all this deception and the presence of bots seems to be destroying Twitter’s financial value. With lawsuits on the horizon, the whole mess will likely take years before Twitter becomes just a shell, much like Myspace’s last years. anything can happen Shareholders can sue the board of directors. The company will likely sue Mr. Musk. Musk will probably sue the company for fraud or whatever.

Ultimately, the decision to foster and create falsehoods in a community where genuine users expect authenticity is a grand disgrace. Other platforms and social media companies (such as Reddit and Facebook) should also take extra precautions before it’s too late.