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TV Q & A: Left a short mystery of the show | Entertainment

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I have a question. There are several answers.

Q: Q: I think there was a program called “Coronet Blue” in the 70’s. I think it ended after one season (maybe two seasons), and I never knew the end, and I wondered what the show was all of these years. do you know?

A: “Coronet Blue” is a 1967 CBS drama, composed of 13 episodes, and still has the following (although not old enough): It tried to kill Frank Converse, but after failing, he starred as a man who couldn’t remember anything about himself other than the phrase “Coronet Blue.” On the DVD of the series, writer Larry Cohen stated that the Converse character was actually a Russian spy and part of a team called Coronet Blue. When he wanted to escape, Spyling tried to kill him, causing his memory loss. But Cohen, who didn’t control the show, said others modified the approach. And because of that short period of time, I couldn’t explain the mystery in the air.

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Q: Q: Please tell us that there is a second season for “Reservation Dogs”.

A: There is a second season of drama about Oklahoma’s indigenous teens (the term defined in one dictionary is the most in one place, especially one colonized by the currently dominant group. Early known inhabitants, or related. “). The first season was very much appreciated both in its content and in the cast, and the writers and directors were all indigenous. The second season will start full on August 3rd.

Q: Q: In the late 1980s, the show was set in Chicago, mainly at bar restaurants and some romantic comedies. The show didn’t last long, I believe the show’s name was a play of the fact that the woman had a nickname that could be either male or female. When I married her husband in 1988, Chicago was portrayed as a very friendly neighborhood, so it was part of my impetus to agree to move to Chicago, so I remember this show. Could you please Does this ring any bell for you?

A: Do you remember the comedy drama “Jack and Mike,” which aired on ABC for one season from 1986 to 1987? Shelley Hack and Tom Mason starred as a couple. Newspaper columnist Jackie Shay (also known as Jack) and restaurant owner Mike Brennan. Filmed in a Chicago location, the series was one of ABC’s several attempts to create another young, trendy and romantic drama following Tuesday night’s hit “side business.” “A complete directory of prime-time networks and cable TV shows.” .. But it didn’t click with the audience.

Q: Q: I’ve just finished watching all 6 episodes of “Obi-Wan Kenobi”, but I was wondering if I could make more. The final episode looked like the finale of the series.

A: At the time of writing this article, nothing has been officially announced about the series’ second season, but fans (including myself) are looking forward to it. Announced as a limited series, it has since been followed by many “limited” shows to make more episodes. And the pros and cons continue, and if some of the participants want to do more (star Ewan McGregor is said to be very enthusiastic), it’s a complete series. Some people feel it.

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