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This sports agent sets new standards in his agency's destructive sports

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White sports agents dominate the sports industry, accounting for 68.6% of all sports agents. By comparison, Hispanic agents account for 13.6% and black sports agents only 10.4%.

Henry Organ, co-founder of Disruptive Sports, an NFLPA-certified sports agency, is committed to leveling the arena for athletes and color agents seeking a career in sports. He confirms that fairness is a key part of the agenda in order to balance in the sports industry.

An innovative approach to player management is transforming the business with up-and-coming minority-owned full-service sports agencies. The agency’s main goal is to leverage the amazing performance of athletes on and off the field to enable them to generate wealth.

To reflect the number of minorities who are active players, Organ also wants to increase the number of minority agents. Today, sports minorities are at increased risk of bankruptcy due to overspending, as well as lack of money planning and awareness. The organ wants to show athletes how to close America’s current wealth gap with the help of his agency.

He talks about the steps taken since the start of disruptive sports and how to keep rolling the ball in such a highly competitive market with the aim of differentiating his agency from other agencies in this sector. I will explain in detail.

“One of the things we’ve done is to use the influence of our players to acquire stocks in companies and investigate the many transactions that market them. Recently, the conversation around them has grown significantly. The story of Magic Johnson, who now turned down $ 5.2 billion worth of Nike stock, isn’t unique. It’s been happening to athletes for years and hasn’t been resolved. Optimal for athlete contracts and public awareness. In addition to becoming a company, my agency strives to improve the situation, “explains Organ.

From playing college football to working at Nike, the experienced sports enthusiast organ hires an experienced executive and former founder and CEO of Thriftbooks and EcoGoodz, Hector Rivas, to streamline the company. We supported the operation. Co-founder Rivas joined the team after Organ finished developing the brand’s overall concept.

They sought to develop a business that values ​​everyone, regardless of background or color, and encourages athletes to pursue their passion.

“The goal was to inspire not only athletes, but also color agents. We set up an agency for minority agents that are driven to excel, change and cause confusion. We aimed, “Adds Organ.

According to the organ, the word “destructive” does not mean anything negative, but the way it is needed to shake the sports industry.

Within five years, the founders of the agency expect it to outperform everything else of its kind. The agency aims to give anyone who dreams of becoming a sports superstar and is ready to work hard to have the opportunity to see that dream come true.

Underrated community athletes are the focus of the company. In addition to helping players secure consistent cash compensation so they can focus on building long-term financial stability, they are trying to secure their stock trading.

In connection with the few steps the organ and his co-founder, Rivas, took to ensure that athletes received the right to fairness, he went to Four (Beth) The Culture. , Said that disruptive sports have reached an agreement with athlete Kendrick Bourne and Brennan. Scarlet with Zohmo, a luxury iPhone battery case company.

“This transaction includes cash compensation and Zomo shares. As part of the deal, Bourne and Scarlet will be brand ambassadors and sponsor athletes for the company,” said Organ.

The agency embodies the brand’s core values ​​and is open to everyone, not just representing color athletes. They are looking for physically, mentally, mentally and financially healthy athletes. According to the organ, most agencies choose players based on one factor: general popularity, but his agency is looking for truly destructive players on and off the field.

“We are looking for athletes who are influential and able to make a difference. Leaders and independent athletes are our ideal clients. Today, soccer players are seen as superheroes. It has been done. We want athletes to be leaders in the locker room and radiate positive energy. ”Represents Organ.

The main difference between Disruptive Sports and competing sports agencies is the support they provide to athletes by monetizing their personal brands. By securing significant contracts, establishing equity partnerships and leveraging the athlete’s brand, Organ believes that it will significantly increase player profits and help athletes manage their finances wisely.

The organ will grow by hiring 10 in-house agents in the fields of baseball, basketball, soccer, boxing and entertainment. In general, they want to expand disruptive sports to provide an equal arena for all types of players who want to pursue a career on any sporting path.

“We’re planning to start representing NBA players, and we’re also considering contracting with an underrated minority coach. One of my mentors, Ray Anderson, represents a minority coach. He taught me the importance of doing, “says the organ.

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