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Third reveal that Rika Peralejo is suffering from a miscarriage

Rika Perarejo

Rika Perarejo.Image: YouTube / RicaPeralejo-Bonifacio screen grab

Rika Peralejo has recently revealed that she is suffering from another pregnancy failure as she has carved out the difficulties she has experienced so far this year.

Peralejo made this revelation on July 24, when he spoke through yesterday’s YouTube channel vlog about a “miracle” he asked for this year but wasn’t allowed. One of the miracles Peralejo was involved in was the healing of his sister. And for former Vice President Leni Robredo to win the presidential election.

“The announcement was, thankfully, I was positive about COVID, but positive about pregnancy. But the bad news is that I was positive. That means I’m not there anymore.” She said. “2022 was a pretty year for me, because this (miscarriage) wasn’t exactly the first pain of the year.”

Peralejo added that she learned about her pregnancy last month and initially thought she was only experiencing premenopausal symptoms.

“I couldn’t believe it. Ito siguro’yung first time na hindi kami nagta-try pero merong nakalusot (this may be the first time [I got pregnant] (When we weren’t even trying) “said Peralejo. “In fact, prior to this, my husband and I were talking about various options for not getting pregnant anymore, because we were (already) feeling old.”

Peralejo talked about the first two miscarriages. This was described as an “unfair process” because it experienced the same pain as giving birth to a baby, but was lifeless. Later, Peralejo talked about the medical process he had to experience in his recent pregnancy, but only discovered that the embryo had not developed at all. After the last medical examination, Peralejo admitted that she was “pregnant.”

“Na-feelkonanagda-dropna’yung pregnancy symptoms, nawawala na siya paisa-isa (I felt the pregnancy symptoms decrease and gradually disappear). Pregnancy decreased and bleeding began,” she said. Look back. “My body already felt like I knew there was no life in my womb.”

Although feelings of loss and sadness still remain, Peralejo described the recent miscarriage as “gentle” and “more peaceful.” According to her, this time God “prepared her heart.”

Peralejo, who had a miscarriage in 2016 and 2017, shares her two children with her husband, Joseph Bonifacio. JB

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