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There is a twist in the moment of historic sports

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Lorena Wiebes made history and became the woman who won the Tour de France stage for the first time in 33 years. She brought a special little guy for a photo of a yellow jersey. The series between Diamondbacks and the Nationals became interesting after Madison Bumgarner had trouble Victor Robles’ home run celebration on Saturday and led to the “Clown Show” on Sunday. Las Vegas Aces star Kelsey Plum received a swag bag from Tom Brady, and her celebration was no more pure. Plus: Klay Thompson is clearly enjoying the off-season, celebrating his brother Trace, who helped LA win, drinking beer in the Giants vs. Dodgers match.

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He is not hiding. He’s right there and enjoying him-no one is enjoying his life like Klay Thompson.

Driven to the right midfield towards the gap, they regain the lead. And Clay loves it.

Jared Key: For the first time in 33 years, the female Tours de France is back.

It’s a damn time.

Jared Key: Dutch Lorena Weaves defeated two-time Olympic champion Marianne Vos to win her first stage in Paris. And the picture of the Dutch cyclist’s yellow jacket is iconic. Not only is this the first photo of a woman who has long won the Tour de France stage, she is celebrating with her child and a giant plush toy.


Jared Key: Wait, wait, wait, what? Isn’t it her child? It’s no wonder the child has that face. I don’t know if the winner can steal the child and complete the winning photo. Oh, it’s her friend’s child.

all right. Apparently, they agree to take the child to the podium if Weaves wins the stage. Is it now to use someone else’s child as a podium prop? Just when you think you’ve seen it all.

Baseball may have celebrated its Hall of Fame this weekend, but in my humble opinion, all the great baseball was in the Nationals-Diamondbacks series. On Saturday, Washington outfielder Victor Robles hit a home run from Madison Bumgarner, also known as Madison Bumgarner, in Arizona. And Madison didn’t like the way the Robles celebrated the meaningless ginger in Washington6.

What did you think of Robles’ reaction to the home run?

Madison Bumgarner: He is a clown. Golly. not embarrassing. not embarrassing. It’s 7 to 1 and hits the third home run this year, behaving like Barry Bonds broke the record. Clean up

Jared Key: Fuck. Do you call someone a clown because you don’t like the way they celebrated home runs? Well, the Robles appeared in the match on Sunday wearing a clown’s nose, so they may have laughed at the end.

Who is the clown now?

Jared Key: The trolling must have been successful as the nuts defeated the Diamondbacks 4-3. And I’m going to say that. These trivial battles are going to save American entertainment, so keep it going, gentleman.

Who doesn’t want to receive a swag bag from Tom Brady?


Maybe Bill Belichick. But everyone else will love some TB12 gear. If you need proof of its appearance, it’s none other than Las Vegas star Kelsey Plum, who behaves like a child at Christmas.

Kelsey Plum: [LAUGHS] yes!

Jared Key: It’s a good, healthy reaction. So jerseys are as expensive as $ 130. So I would be pretty excited if I could get it for free from GOAT. If anything, you can sell it and make quick money. In fact, you may make a lot of money.

You know inflation is high, it’s a jersey signed by GOAT, you’ll probably get at least $ 1,000 from it. But what do you buy with it? Because inflation is high. You can’t even put it-you know, that is, lately you can’t even get some cheeseburgers from In-N-Out.