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The University of Phoenix offers Certificates of Teaching to help teachers expand their skill sets and prepare for professional licensure

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Phoenix – (business wire)– The University of Phoenix offers a Skills-Mapped Certificate in Education program to help future teachers and education professionals build their skills, enhance their professional profile, and prepare for their teaching credentials. I’m here. Our educational certification courses in primary, secondary and special education are built around the vocational skills that are in demand today in the field of education.

Shortages in school systems across the country outline the need for qualified teachers. The University of Phoenix teaching certification program provides an initial route to teaching certification for students with no teaching experience, combining academic theory and coursework with a clinical component of student teaching and field experience. increase.

“Teaching continues to be an incredibly rewarding career path paved with young lives and future-shaping moments,” said Pamela Rogemann, dean of the university’s faculty of education. “Our Graduate Initial Teacher Certificate program will help new teachers understand how to design and implement effective teaching and action plans in the classroom to positively impact student learning, demonstrate professional disposition and ethics. It helps them demonstrate positive behavior, develop innovative strategies, and understand how technology can be incorporated into the classroom environment.”

The University of Phoenix is ​​focused on developing, delivering, and regularly updating career-related degree programs for busy working adults. Career paths associated with educational certification programs include positions such as primary education teacher, high school teacher, resource classroom teacher, or intervention specialist.

Our educational accredited curriculum complies with teacher licensure requirements of the Arizona Department of Education and the North Carolina Department of Public Education. It also adheres to the professional standards of the International Institute for Educational Technology (ISTE) and the Interstate Teacher Evaluation Support Consortium (InTASC).

Education program specialists at the University of Phoenix can help qualified students navigate teacher licensure and eligibility requirements. Additionally, through partnerships with hundreds of school districts nationwide, the College of Education supports field placements for clinical experience and practice.

Credits from these certificate programs can be applied to the relevant Master of Education degree at the university.

Each educational certification program requires 24-27 credit hours to complete. Learn more about the University of Phoenix Educational Accreditation Program here.

The University of Phoenix School of Education offers students faculty members with an average of 26.8 years of professional experience. The current College faculty includes 183 former teachers, 48 ​​former principals and 6 former superintendents.

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