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The NFL Training Camp heralds the beginning of America's favorite season

To Martin Rogers
FOX Sports Columnist


a little. Sure, the NFL training camp is calm before the storm, but it’s more of an activity than a talk, and at least in the football sense, summer vacation is over and classes have resumed.

Currently, all NFL teams are in full session.

Different teams have different schedules, and rookies work in their respective timeframes, but they’re finally here. It’s July 26th. So if you’re an NFL player, you’re reporting that you’re ready to join the camp and work, so you’re back in the hilarious old cycle of American football obsession.

The way the NFL calendar works may not have been deliberately designed for our inner rhythm, but it does work anyway.

The enthusiastic nature of the postseason, unstoppable and the long-standing dreams disappear, gives way to all the endless moons we’ve lived in now, when the calm pace of summer sometimes looks like football. I will never come back.

Of course, that’s always the case, and the six-week expectation of sitting right in front of you is or should be some of the most precious time for football followers.

This is July-Meet-August-Meet-Early September, a mysterious day where everyone has hope. No team suffers from embarrassing skids. The endless possibilities of crisis and sports fans discussing are all still real and exist.

If summer is very frustrating for football enthusiasts because they have nothing to do but wait for a piece of news-for some reason it seems to cluster and leave a gap of days and weeks-this next The period is the period when there is a necessary activity. Attend.

This is a knowledgeable, paying close attention to the movements of the early training camps, with a few familiar sleepers hidden somewhere in a piece of paper, and nearby beads that appear to be currying newcomers. Early favors when people are already bringing fantasy games to life.

For those who value loyalty over elegance, you need to buy a new jersey. Of course, you need to remember the game schedule to avoid unthinkable clashes with the evil mess of seeing fun such as weddings and shopping. And children’s sports games.

Best of all, this window acts as a fun teaser for the looming time, where you can actually implement all the transactional quirks and developments that happened in the summer.

That’s why the timing of the NFL’s life is so naughty. Betting that in the last few months there was a moment when I wondered if nothing more happened in the NFL poetry, a day when a large, comprehensive league lacked headline-worthy activity. I will argue how we can provide it. ..

These feelings are a real product of football being a part of American life, and you only spend a few quiet afternoons at the gossip factory when something offends you.

In fact, it was the off-season that the incidents and plots piled up. Well, 6 months is a pretty long time, so it didn’t always feel like that.

But think of everything that has happened since we saw Matthew Stafford and the Los Angeles Rams lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy in February.

Tom Brady completed his fierce cycle of retirement rumors, official retirement, retirement rumors, and official retirement during a dramatic period of weeks.

The relationship between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers finally found a resolution when he signed a contract to pay nearly $ 1 million a week, ensuring he would remain a man in a team forever. There seems to be.

Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill have proved that the wide receiver market is an absolute sizzler and have found new parking lots and truck-filled money in Las Vegas and Miami.

Quarterbacks are paid in bulk, Kyler Murray is up to date, Lamar Jackson is the rarest exception, and its golden group is Rogers’ by the spectacular packaging that Cleveland Browns gave to Deshaun Watson. I added more headings than transactions. His immediate availability.

Seattle (Drew Lock and Genosmith) and Pittsburgh (Mitchell Turbisky and Kenny Pickett) fight for a starting point, Baker Mayfield is Carolina Panthers, Russell Wilson is the advanced and extraordinary air of Denver and his new employer. Suck for the first time in an NFL career.

Meetings, physical and team bonding exercises will take place over the next few days. There are various trainings and a series of press conferences.

There are rumors and whispers of those who have progressed and those who have retreated about the brewing competition and the turmoil of the status quo.

Lots of things will be said, lots of work will be done, and so the summer silence will be blown away, replaced by a relentless new rhythm where football will be everything again, and will stay that way until February. ..

Martin Rogers is a FOX Sports columnist and author of the FOX Sports Insider newsletter. YYou can subscribe to our daily newsletter here..

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