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The Florida Medical Association is drafted into a cultural war and considers resolutions on abortion, transcare, guns and diversity

Some say it is the “heart and soul” confrontation of the state’s largest medical society.

Members of the Florida Medical Association (FMA) delegation will vote in the coming weeks for several resolutions that will not only allow members of the association to oppose each other, but also place the FMA in a short-term intensive course with legislative leaders. You will be asked to do so.Governor Ron DeSantis..

According to a document obtained by Florida Politics, members of the FMA delegation will be asked to consider issues ranging from abortion to constitutional carry and the provision of gender-verifying healthcare to patients.

“This is a true cultural war. There are usually no resolutions that are in direct conflict with each other,” said one who wished to remain anonymous.

According to those documents, there are two resolutions that address gender-identifying care for transgender people and two different abortion resolutions that the House of Representatives considers.

Submitted by Emerald Coast Medical AssociationOne resolution requires FMA to adopt Florida Public Health Department Of Joseph Ladapo We recommend that social, medical and surgical transitional treatments for gender identity are not provided to children and adolescents.

In addition, in the resolution, the FMA “must send a letter to Governor DeSantis. FMAPAC approves the candidate for governor and this important to protect children from the predatory clinician and social media trends of our state. Thank you for the policy. “

in the meantime, Rear kumble A resolution was submitted for consideration by the FMA to support transgender and gender-incompatible adolescents and gender-verifying care for adolescents.

Kemble’s resolution states that gender-verifying care includes a “spectrum” of choices, and the easiest to implement is social transition. Hair styling according to your favorite gender expression. “

“Social transition does not require supervision or oversight by the medical team,” the resolution said.

The resolution also states that “many” studies show an increase in mental illness among adolescents and adolescents who are gender-incompatible.

In addition, the resolution argues that 89% of young people regret the transition, but states that “recent studies have shown that the opposite is actually true.” increase.

The resolution cites one study claiming that the regret rate is 0.6% for trans women and 0.3% for trans men in the Netherlands. Another statistic cited in the resolution is a study showing that less than 1% of people who migrated show “clear regret.” This is defined as “a patient whose role has been reversed by openly expressing regret and undergoing or returning to detransition surgery. Gender role.”

Jacksonville Healthcare Lawyer Chris Nuland The FMA House of Delegates has taken a position on issues that have attracted attention in the past, but told Florida politics that it can’t remember when it was hit by as many conflicting resolutions as this year.

“This year we have conflicting political ideologies that are in opposition to each other, which is fascinating,” Nuland said.

American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, District 12, Broward County Medical Association And that Florida Ophthalmology Society We are promoting a resolution to deal with abortion.

The measure is that the FMA criminalizes “current and future rape, incest, or such abortion against pregnant people, pregnant people or doctors, and the professional relationship between doctors and patients, that Interfering with the physician’s expertise and medical judgment, and the patient’s autonomy and justice. “

In addition, if approved by the House of Representatives, the resolution tells the FMA that “future futures that prevent or block the use of FDA-approved treatment for abortion, whether used for abortion or other unrelated indications. Demands opposition to the law. This is a problem between doctors and patients. “

On the contrary, the doctor Diane T. Gowski The delegation wants to consider a resolution calling on the FMA to “support the Prolife Act to address the ban on abortion in Florida.” The resolution states that “abortion is not health care, but the killing of the fetus.”

The resolution sets the policy of FMA. The FMA Deputies will review resolutions submitted by deputies who voted for the FMA at least two months before the House of Representatives meeting.

The resolution is referred to the committee, where it is scrutinized and discussed. The Committee may amend the proposed resolution if the member chooses. The resolution is then submitted to the full House of Representatives for consideration. If the majority of the House of Representatives approves the resolution, it will be passed.

Transgender care and abortion have elicited opposition resolutions, but there are other politically divided issues that members of the House of Representatives are required to consider.

The Florida Chapter of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine, Florida Emergency Medical College And a Florida doctor Megan core Is pushing for a resolution that the FMA “actively and openly” opposes what is called a “constitutional carry.” This allows for unauthorized gun carry.

This is the position DeSantis has been promoting and proposes to be promoted at the next legislative assembly.

Florida is currently demanding that people obtain permits for hidden weapons to carry firearms. Carrying a hidden weapon without permission is a three-time misdemeanor.

“This kind of law eliminates all safety and training requirements for those who choose to carry firearms. Undoubtedly, this will lead to an increase in the number of accidental injuries and deaths from firearms.” And read the resolution.

“Therefore, the FMA actively and openly opposes laws that reduce or eliminate the current requirements for obtaining a license to carry a hidden firearm weapon or firearm, and the license requirements It was resolved to include formal training on the use of guns, and safety. “

The House of Representatives will also consider a resolution asserting that “there is no objective evidence that the American healthcare system is biased towards racial minorities.”

The resolution submitted by the Emerald Coast Medical Association is: With the State Medical Commission Federation American Board of Medical SpecialtiesThe resolution argues that the board of directors shall be accredited “on condition of personal commitment to diversity equity and inclusion.”

Specifically, the resolution called on the FMA to “oppose the wording of diversity, impartiality and inclusiveness that could affect physicians through legislation or rulemaking in (Ministry of Health)” and the FMA. teeth” ((American Medical Association) We support this position when issues related to health care inequality and diversity, equity and inclusiveness initiatives are raised. “

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