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Thai Gibbs is impressed with NASCAR Cup debut

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The Thai cast was thrown into the fire and came out shining.

A controversial NASCAR Xfinity series regular on the road to repeated victories on the circuit was chosen to replace Kurt Busch in a Sunday cup race at the Pocono Raceway after Bush crashed hard on Saturday practice. rice field.

NASCAR’s medical protocol parked Bush that day, and Gibbs, who is expected to be a full-time driver in the cup next season or two seasons, was asked to drive for Bush with little notice.

Gibbs ran most of the day in the midpack and returned home without getting into trouble 16thA very representative finish in his first cup race.

Gibbs then thanked God, the owners of the 23XI racing team, Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan, and “everyone in 23XI.”

“”The most important thing right now is about Kurt’s health, and hopefully he can get back to this seat, “Gibbs said. “He’s driving much better than I am, so it’s worth this. He was great. He helped me a lot. I want to thank him.

“We had a fast McDonald’s Camry TRD. It was so much fun, Michael, thank you for watching. I’m very happy to wear this (Jordan emblem) on my shoulders and shoes. It was great because it was fun and I learned a lot. “

Bush hopes to return to the 45th Toyota at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this week. A decision on his eligibility will be made this week.

According to Gibbs, the biggest change from Xfinity to Cup is “”Just dirty air and how bad it can affect you. I was just able to make sure I was out enough. I was a little tight all day, so just trying to get a front turn and trying to get more center turns will help me. It was a learning day. I felt like I learned a lot.

“I’m very grateful. I was almost close to the top 15. I enjoyed the race with Brad (Keselowski). I didn’t think I would compete with these guys. I’m just next to them on the track. It was cool. So for Ty, 10 years old, that means a lot. I don’t think I would expect it. “


Three drivers aiming for the playoff position Spent a mixed day in Pocono on Sunday..

Ryan Blaney finished in 33rd place due to a crash in the second half of the race. Ryan Blaney remained in 15th Position in playoff ranking (16). Brainy is the first non-winner in the standings.

After leading seven laps and appearing to be heading to the top ten finish, Brainy lost control of Ford and hit the outer wall of the pit later in the race.

“I just loosened,” Brainy said. “It was one of them. I think you can lose three and save it, but you can’t. You couldn’t save.

“It’s finally a decent car. I had to run in the top five, puncture and put on the tires, but I just worked hard and it moved away from me. I’m Menards and Ford. I hate it for everyone. That was my mistake. I’ll be back next week. “

Kevin Harvic, who was involved in an unwinning streak of 64 races, saw his struggle continue.

He was the victim of a late race conflict between Denny Hamlin and Rothschild Stain. When Chastain’s car bounced off the wall, he hit Chastain and the incident dropped Harvic from a solid finish expected to 27th.

Harvic stays in the first spot under the playoff cutoffs, following Martin Truex Jr.

Truex led two laps on Sunday but couldn’t stay in the top five. After swapping the results, he finished in 7th place.


Team owner Denny Hamlin Actively tackle the pit road problem of 23XI racing..

At Pocono on Saturday, Hamlin said the 23XI would have its own pit crew next season instead of relying on Joe Gibbs Racing like this year’s team.

The 23XI has various problems with the 23rd and 45th pit crews this season, which has led to a change in the season. Two penalties during the Kansas race helped driver Baba Wallace win, and Wallace expressed concern that his “pit crew was bad.”

Hamlin, one of Joe Gibbs Racing’s drivers, said: “I think we’re on a good path to get started next year. We’re currently recruiting so anyone can call us.

“This should be useful for everyone’s programs, especially Joe Gibbs Racing. To try that they have to protect six really good pit crews — it’s hard for them. They can do four. Yes? Yes, but where does that leave our team? That means we are always the 5th or 6th best, especially in track position type races like today. It’s hard to win a race like that.

“So I just wish I could manage people, training, etc. and that’s certainly part of our future. I think I’ve always had a strong relationship with Joe Gibbs Racing, but myself. Sometimes I think it’s better to do it with us, and Joe doesn’t have to hear me come to his office every week and ask how I can fix this and how I can fix it. If we stink, it’s with us. “