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Technology-driven dining and gaming venue Your third spot will open on October 12, 2022

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Atlantans enjoy innovative new ways to meet and interact with others. Your third spotA technology-driven dining and gaming concept, is the first location for a flagship store Works Developed, 400 Chatahoo Chirou Northwest, on the Upper West Side of Atlanta, Wednesday, October 12, 2022..

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From the parent company AmpUp1 HospitalityYour 3rd Spot is an element of restaurants, bars, beer gardens and social clubs 26,000 square feet A space in a revitalized historic industrial building.

Named after the concept of a “third place” that follows home and work, Your3rdSpot “eats, drinks, plays, gathers with friends to make new friends and experience the home away from home. The place.Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Doug Warner In a press release. “Our goal is actually to make connections and build communities.”

“People just don’t know how to meet each other these days,” says founder and chief vision officer. Josh Rossmeisl.. “What we found is that people are forced to date the app when they really want to meet other people, whether for friendship or networking or to get to know people in the community. The third spot is basically a social gathering spot for friends in the physical store to help introduce guests to others and connect through food, conversations and games. “

Guests use the Match and Connect ™ feature of the Your 3rd Spot app to establish these connections. This feature shows the user that other guests in the building may get along with each other based on the taste and personality of the game.

With this app, users can order food and drink and choose from over 70 games, from board games to state-of-the-art curling experiences played on bowling, shuffleboard, high-tech darts, and synthetic ice with automatic projection. You can also-mapped score. “Curling will be very big,” says Rossmeisl. “We are the first venue in North America and the fourth venue in the world to adopt this technology. Our team curated a really good game.”

In addition, the space features a retro-modern arcade with classic and modern video games, an indoor cornhole arena with 10 cornhole boards, and 4,000 for outdoor activities accessible through large garage-style doors. There is a square foot patio.

Menu supervised by the director of culinary innovation and a native Atlanta chef Stuart Rogers (Aria, JCT Kitchen, The Optimist, Oak Steakhouse, Lyla Lila) presents a global menu of shareable small plate dishes that can be customized to the size of the party you order. The menu also includes shareable cocktails that allow groups to experience new flavors together.

State-of-the-art technology is an important foundation of your 3rdSpot experience between apps and plans that include accepting cryptocurrencies and establishing a vibrant presence in the Metaverse. Amp Up1 Hospitality plans nine additional locations in eight states and Washington, DC.