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Teachers from five states cited as excellent teachers by the National Road Safety Foundation and the American Driver and Road Safety Education Association

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Vancouver, wash., July 25, 2022 Driver Education Teacher from / PRNewswire /- Minnesota, Missouri, Vermont, Virginia When Washington Selected as Teachers of Excellence by colleagues all over the country. Prizes are awarded by the National Road Safety Foundation and the American Road Safety Education Association (ADTSEA).

The best teachers in 2022 Jennifer SlettonWho teaches at Rothsay, Minnesota Public school; Thomas IfrigPatonville School District Teacher St. Ann, Missouri; Richard KearneyTeaching at Woodstock Union High School Woodstock, Vermont; JoEllen Suter, Virginia Department of Education online teacher.When Alexander HansenWho teaches at Eaton Building School district Eatonville, Washington.

Winners of Outstanding Teachers Jennifer Sletton I have taught driver education at Minnesota Since 2012 Fergus Falls When Rothsay, Virginia, she also teaches business and social studies. A member of the board of directors of ADTSEA and a former president of the Minnesota Road Safety Education Association, she recalls the pain of her close family being seriously injured or killed in a collision. Decision by car. She sees the school district looking for a driver education teacher when a drug-rich driver loses control during an accident where one of his brothers is about to die after being thrown out of a fallen car. And started certification to process. “The challenge facing driving school teachers today is that we need to keep up with new automotive technologies and incorporate them into our teaching of our students,” she said.

Thomas Ifrig Having taught physical education and health for 12 years in Pattonville, Missouri, I wanted to move to an area where I felt I could have more impact on my students’ lives. Since engaging in road safety education in 2007, he said he has been committed to becoming a better driver education teacher, attending meetings and taking courses. He is currently teaching as a part-time driving instructor in a nearby school district. He has revolutionized driver education by teaching new automotive technologies and using simulators. He encourages students to actively participate in community services, taking as an example the participation in the annual Seatbelt Challenge in Pattonville.

Richard Kearney Teaching driver education at Woodstock Union High School Woodstock, VT. He also owns the Upper Valley Driving Academy in nearby Newbury. He began teaching driver education in 2014 after working for law enforcement for nearly 30 years. Massachusetts And Vermont. “During my tenure as a police officer, I adopted the concept of community policing in my childhood and established myself as the first school resource officer in the state. At the end of my criminal justice career, I said I rethought my thoughts on education as a second career, and never looked back. ”Kearney, a former president of the Vermont Driver Training and Education Association, said technology was a major challenge facing driver educators. At the same time, I think it is a great opportunity. “Educators need to adopt and adopt technology in the classroom to provide Gen Z students with fresh content, and to new automotive technology to properly educate tomorrow’s student drivers. We need to keep up with it. ”

JoEllen Suter I have been teaching driver education since 1979. Prince William County (VA) A public school, he has also been an online driver education trainer for teachers at the Virginia Department of Education since 2004. She was Chairman of the Virginia Driver Education and Road Safety Association and served on the ADTSEA Board of Directors for several years. “Education of drivers and road safety is an important life skill, and mistakes can be fatal,” she said. She feels that she should focus more on recruiting and training good driver education teachers. “There are opportunities to advance the career of drivers and road safety education, but the safety community must take the first step by developing a solid action plan to attract people,” she said.

Alexander Hansen I have taught driver education at Washington Public schools including Eaton Building 20 years of public school Seattle Over 30 years. He has also spent the summer of 2008 teaching courses for driver education certification. Central Washington University.. He is a former president of the Washington Road Safety Education Association. One of his passions is to get his parents involved in the road safety education process. He created a parent handbook, a parent involvement guide for teachers, a parent practice guide while driving, and a power point presentation for use by road safety educators in parent involvement sessions.

“These excellent teachers we recognize represent our best and they inspire our peers to become passionate and effective teachers of this important life skill.” rice field. Harold Fleming, Former ADT SEA president who leads the selection committee. “We are proud to honor them as the 2022 Teachers of Excellence.”

All five Teachers of Excellence were honored today at the ADTSEA National Conference here. There, we present innovative lesson plans to our peers.

“Driver education teachers are dedicated to the young people they serve and often act as role models in ways that go far beyond driver training,” he said. David reich He is a member of the National Road Safety Foundation and a member of the ADTSEA Board of Directors. “These Teachers of Excellence show our true passion for the important work we do to experience safe driving for a lifetime.”

The Teacher Excellence Awards awarded by the National Road Safety Foundation are Dr. Named after. Francis KennelTraffic Safety Engineer, Former AAA Director, Driver Education Teacher Training Material Author, and Countless Driver Education Instructor Mentors.

American Driver and Traffic Safety Education is a professional association representing traffic safety educators across the United States. As a national advocate of quality road safety education, the group develops and publishes policies and guidelines for drivers and organizes conferences and workshops for teachers. This helped create a new driver education curriculum standard recently published by the Department of Road Safety.

The National Road Safety Foundation (NRSF), a non-profit organization, has supported ADTSEA’s Teacher Excellence Awards program for 10 years. For 60 years, NRSF has created driver education programs and materials for free distribution to teachers, police, road safety agencies, youth advocacy groups and more. NRSF has programs for distraction, speed and aggression, disability, and drowsiness. The group also sponsors teen contests affiliated with SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions), FCCLA and Scholastic, as well as regional teen contests affiliated with car shows. Chicago, Los Angeles When Washington, DC. To view and download the free program, and for more information, please visit

contact: David reich914-325-9997, [email protected]

Source National Road Safety Foundation