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"Support for Women, Paradise for Children"-Warsaw PCPM Education Creation Center (CEK) provides work, support and summer play camps for children for mothers with children in Poland -Poland

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PCPM’s Warsaw Education and Creation Center (CEK) operates with mBank for Ukrainian mothers with children and is not only a playground, but also supported by psychologists, speech therapists and some refugees. It is also a place where you can receive. I found a job. Thanks to CARE’s financial support, PCPM also hosts a children’s summerplay camp at CEK during the holidays.

The center offers many activities in the playroom for both children, teens and adults. There are Zumba, gymnastics, or rhythmic for young children. The center also offers classes on art therapy.


After fleeing the war-torn Ukraine, a newly hired woman – Katya – came to Poland on March 15 with her 6-year-old daughter Marcia. First, her daughter attended a kindergarten in Poland, but she did not find herself well there. “When she came back, she said no one was willing to talk to her, that’s why she doesn’t want to go there anymore. I took her to CEK, where a psychologist’s session It helped her a lot, “said Katia of Kyiv. As she continued treatment, thanks to her expert visit, the girl began to play with other children, and she already has two friends.

She learned about CEK, thanks to a friend who said there was one last place for Polish lessons. Katya learned that she had never learned Polish in three months and, thanks to her on-site class, she was free to communicate in the language. In her interview, the photographer emphasized the importance of access to CEK professionals. “Many children here from Ukraine suffer from a variety of problems speaking and understanding. It’s hard to find their specialists. Here’s the help. Languages There are speech therapists, defect scholars, and child psychologists. I think this will be a great help, and it’s great. “-She concludes. “My daughter, who was in Ukraine before, had never attended such a class, but now she needed it. The little kid goes to a speech therapist, and it’s I can see it help, she expresses herself more freely. The most important thing for me personally is that I have a job. I can’t even imagine what would happen without it. The important thing for me is that I can take my daughter here and I don’t have to leave her anywhere else, “she added. As the interviewees point out, CEK has very good psychologists. “She helped me and my daughter. First the war, then Poland arrived in another big city. It was too much and a great stress for the little ones. Talk to an expert here. It’s good to have the opportunity, “she said. Psychologists employed by CEK are also refugees from Ukraine. She helps both children and adults. An additional advantage of specialists working at CEK is that they are Ukrainian and work in Ukrainian.

Other mothers, such as Katya, who are beneficiaries and workers of the center, have the same opinion about the place. “We have a 9 year old daughter and a 4 year old son. We have been in Warsaw since March 25th, the month of CEK. He really likes the specialists here. He is a linguist, I’m going to a defect scholar, a psychologist. I’m also helped by this woman (psychologist-editor) “-Yana of Doniplo, southeastern Ukraine, said. Her daughter Alisa goes to CEK for a summer play camp hosted by PCPM in collaboration with the American organization CARE.

Natalia Professional

The expert is also mentioned by Natalia, who worked as a defect scholar in Ukraine. This is a specialist in therapeutic pedagogy aimed at helping children with disabilities adapt to the social and educational disciplines. At her CEK, she got a job in her own profession. She arrived in Poland on March 7 from the Zhytomyr region of northern Ukraine with her four sons aged 3, 10, 13 and 16. Interviewees emphasize how friendly the environment is for children traumatized in the war. “My youngest child didn’t talk much at first, but now he talks more often. You can see that this place gives my kids a lot of joy,” she said.


Warsaw PCPM Support Points are also used by Anna Odessa and 9-year-old Timur. “It’s like paradise, everything is here,” – Anna’s son said. “I like painting and origami folding classes the best,” he said. So far, Tymur has benefited from distance learning from Ukraine. Before the war, he attended the third grade of elementary school. Like the opinions of other mothers at CEK, the greatest help on the spot is specialists, especially psychologists and speech therapists. “In fact, my boy doesn’t have to go to a pronunciation class, but many kids seem to find it useful,” she said. Anna adds that in Warsaw she and Timur often go for walks. The boy likes the Palace of Culture and Science the most- “it’s my favorite symbol of Warsaw!”-He said enthusiastically.

Two initiatives at the time

PCPM’s Kinga Gromala is the coordinator and originator of the Center for Education and Creativity initiative. As she points out, during the summer, two initiatives are running simultaneously at the CEK point on Królewska Street. One is the “Polish Summer with PCPM” funded by CARE in the United States, and the other is the day care center supported by mBank mentioned above. ‘We opened in the last week of March. In the first 10 days, 169 children came to CEK. Currently, we accept about 60-80 children every day. This shows how popular and needed this place is in the capital, “she said. “It helps to overcome trauma. We hire specialists ourselves. Five caregivers, two linguists and two psychologists in a common room, almost all It’s full-time. I used to have a career counseling specialist, and the day care center employs a cleaner, “she explained. All the women working at the center are refugees from Ukraine.

Easy to find

The main advantage of the Center for Education and Creativity is its location. The outlet is in the heart of the capital, near the intersection of both Warsaw Metro Lines. “The facility provided by mBank is on the ground floor, so mothers with small children in their strollers have easy access to the center,” said Kinga, CEK coordinator.

Two more people from Ukraine found a job as part of CEK’s second project, “Summer in Poland by PCPM”. In addition, another employee was hired from Poland. The CARE-funded program has been running at CEK since the end of the school year. From 10 to 18 hours daily, children are provided with professional care, lunch and, above all, a fun time. As Kinga explains, new adventures and games await students there every day. Monday is a day of traditions and interesting facts from different countries of the world. “There were already days in Poland, Ukraine, Japan and the United States. We are organizing these activities to foster children’s interest in different parts of the world,” she explained about the attraction.

Daily new adventure

“In Japan, children learned tea rituals, learned to write names in Japanese, and made origami. On Ukrainian day, children made Ukrainian dolls called Motanki, while Poland. On the day of the Tissue Paper class, the kids made various decorations from this material. In addition, they learned about the five major Polish cities. On American Day, the kids had a hot dog. Prepared – Kinga remembered. On Tuesday, kids learn about Warsaw. There is a tour to learn Polish through a tour of the capital and play. Next Wednesday – Field Day. We are all day long, for example Saxon Garden. We hold outdoor tournaments and competitions to improve our physical and mental resilience, “she explained. Thursday is the day to get to know Poland. The trip is organized by buses sponsored by mBank. So far, as part of such a trip, the children have already visited the Copernicus Science Center (CNK), Illusion Farm, Radom Village Museum, Yurinek Amusement Park and alpaca. A trip to Kazimierz is also planned. “Friday, on the other hand, is a day of creativity dedicated to the development of children’s creativity and skills,” says Kinga. ‘Art therapy, games, quizzes and more will be held until the end of the vacation. I believe the CEK in Krollevska is a very needed place on the map of Warsaw and I hope it will continue to function as it does today, thanks to the cooperation with mBank. ” Added.