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Summary: Decrease in investment in WorkTech. ChartHop launches con-preview 

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Summary of weekly deals, product announcements and other HR technology news.

Investing in work Starr Conspiracy estimates that technology fell by 22.8% in the second quarter of 2022. Many business leaders don’t want the recession to help regain the power of the labor market, but the demand for work solutions should remain high.

ChartHop has started rewards Reviews are designed to help people and finance teams make fair, streamlined and secure compensation decisions. ChartHop’s Compensation Planning solution and new Compensation Reviews provide the only reliable source of compensation information by retrieving salary and stock data from the entire system. With this product, organizations can centralize and visualize employee data, organize review cycles, collaborate efficiently, and make more informed and equitable compensation decisions.

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15 Five received $ 52 Millions of Series C funding led by Quad Partners. The company will spend money on performance measurement and integration and coaching research and development. We also expect to expand our market development strategy by expanding into new markets and pursuing potential acquisitions.

Bullhorn The Bullhorn Talent Platform is an end-to-end that involves talent at every stage of the talent life cycle. With the help of automation and AI capabilities, as well as new chatbot capabilities, businesses can provide an intuitive experience tailored to their talents. The platform allows recruiters to communicate through multiple channels while managing talent information in a single recording system.

Findem has started sourcing Accelerator. A weekly solution that introduces qualified and interested candidates for all roles. This allows Findem to manage sourcing and enable talent teams to build a strong pipeline of candidates from a large and diverse pool of talent.

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