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Student Scholars Explain Research at Summer Educational Research Poster Symposium

August 4, 2022

On Wednesday, August 3, 10 student scholars participated in the Summer Education Research Poster Symposium hosted by the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at UW Madison College of Education.

These student scholars worked with faculty mentors as part of a 10-week Summer Education and Research Program (SERP). Students from all over the country came to Madison to give short presentations and talk about their findings with those who attended the event.

This year’s event was held in the Morgridge Commons area of ​​the Education Building. Below is an overview of each of this year’s SERP participants.

Jocelyn Chavez Diaz

Current College/University: California State University Monterey Bay

Selection subject: Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture; Minor in Chicanx Studies

School year: four years

SERP Faculty Mentors: Diego X. Roman

Poster title: (Re)creating Indigenous Latino Identity: Transnational Salagro Youth in Rural Wisconsin

Project Outline: The purpose of this study was to examine how Salagro youth living in rural Wisconsin prove to be indigenous in the diaspora. Using a lens of community cultural wealth and through semi-structured interviews with six Saragro youth, the findings suggest that familial, linguistic, and navigational challenges and experiences are linked to ever-evolving ethnic identities. It suggests that it is used to build

Tiffany Munro

Tiffany Munro

Current College/University: Florida International University

Selection subject: psychology and philosophy

School year: 4 years (4 years after graduation)

SERP Faculty Mentors: Alberta M. Gloria

Poster title: Spirituality, BIPOC Student Wellbeing: A Scoping Review

Project Outline: The purpose of this scoping review is to examine how spirituality and well-being are studied among BIPOC college students. Spirituality and religiosity are essential components of well-being, but there is limited research examining how these components affect her individual’s academic performance in BIPOC.

Matthew Almodovar Morales

Matthew Almodovar Morales

Current College/University:University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez Campus

Selection subject: Kinesiology (coaching and refereeing)

School year: 5th year

SERP Faculty Mentor: Luis Columna

Poster title: Impact of physical activity programs for children with autism spectrum disorders.

Project Outline: This study focuses on how physical activity programs like Fit Families affect the development of basic motor skills in children with autism spectrum disorders. This study aims to introduce an intervention that demonstrates how a physical activity program can help develop motor skills in students with autism.

celery cortez cardona

celery cortez cardona

Current College/University: University of Puerto Rico — Mayaguez Campus

Selection subject: kinesiology (physical education – education); in physical education for minors

School year: 5th year

SERP Faculty Mentors: Brittany Travers

Poster title: Fine motor skills are related to daily living skills in children and adolescents with autism.

Project Outline: The purpose of this study was to understand how specific motor skills are related to activities of daily living (DLS), taking into account the IQ and age of children with autism. This study suggests that there is a relationship between her DLS and fine motor integration skills in children with autism.

David Whittingham

David Whittingham

Current College/University: Tufts University

Selection subject: mathematics and philosophy

School year: Junior

SERP Faculty Mentors: analie good

Poster title: Organizing at a time of surge for Wisconsin public school workers

Project Outline: This research proposal explores how public school teachers and other school personnel in Wisconsin perceive and experience labor organizing as a tool for policy advocacy, and how this affects labor unions such as “Red for Ed” teachers. It aims to understand how the movement has been affected by recent developments. strike.

Temirolwa Yusuf

Temirolwa Yusuf

Current College/University: University of Michigan

Selection subject: Psychology and secondary education

Grade: 4th grade

SERP Faculty Mentors: Andy Garbatz

Poster title: What Page Are We On?: Understanding Disconnection in Mental and Behavioral Health Support in Home-School Partnerships

Project Outline: This study aimed to understand home-school partnerships related to mental and behavioral health in young people, with a focus on the voices of caregivers, teachers and school staff.

Joseph Boateng

Joseph Boateng
Joseph Boateng

Current College/University: University of Dayton

Selection subject: health science

School year: four years

SERP Faculty Mentors: Percival Matthews

Poster title: Effects of behavior on school age equivalence

Project Outline: This study aims to improve children’s understanding of equivalence. Interventions have been proposed to provide opportunities for manipulating symbolic equivalent structures into tangible physical objects. This allows behavioral adherence and how a school-age child’s understanding of equivalence improves.

Samantha Maxsy

Samantha Maxsy

Current College/University: Northeastern Illinois University

Selection subject: Psychology; Minor in Mathematical and Statistical Modeling of Complex Systems

School year: four years

SERP Faculty Mentors: Hayley Vrak

Poster title: Does playing in the water support children’s learning to float?

Project Outline: The concept of buoyancy (buoyancy and buoyancy) is a purpose taught in early childhood science curricula. This study aims to harness the ups and downs theory to understand how water can motivate children to engage in the scientific method and develop thinking skills.

Carlos F. Cuevas Garcia

Carlos F. Cuevas Garcia

Current College/University: Puerto Rico University of Mayagüez

Selection subject: Kinesiology

School year: 6th year

SERP Faculty Mentors: Louis Columna

Poster title: Fit Families: A Randomized, Parent-Mediated Physical Activity Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Puerto Rico.

Project Outline: The purpose of this study is to implement the Fit Families app as a parent-mediated intervention to improve basic motor skills in autistic Latino children living in Puerto Rico.

Kaitlyn Rodriguez

Kaitlyn Rodriguez

Current College/University: University of Virginia

Selection subject: psychology

School year: four years

SERP Faculty Mentors: Stephen Quintana

Poster title: Psychological Strengths of Latinos: How Latino Youth Implement Coping Strategies to Combat Crime

Project Outline: This research project aims to observe how Latino students use their cultural strengths to address issues related to discriminatory immigration policies. Furthermore, it aims to define the psychological strengths of Latinos in a culturally consistent way.We recognize the resilience of young people in the face of systemic oppression.