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Stillman Student Entrepreneurs Develop Business Skills at International Entrepreneurship Academy in Washington, DC

Seton Hall University students pitch their business ideas with teammates at the ICSB Academy Cup.

Stillman School of Business student entrepreneurs hone their entrepreneurial skills at the unique Global Entrepreneurship Academy sponsored by the International Small Business Council (ICSB) and George Washington University (GWU). The 7th Annual Academy Cup will feature students from the United States and his nine foreign countries for an intensive bootcamp-style event held July 3 through July 8 at his GWU campus in Washington, DC. Gathered his 90 student entrepreneurs.

Peter Colon, senior member of the Buccino Leadership Institute, said: Also representing the Academy’s Stillman School of Business and Seton Hall College were senior Ty Haas, sophomore Zion Stevens, and sophomore Cara He Said. “I look forward to continuing my entrepreneurial pursuits with the new knowledge and connections I have gained thanks to ICSB,” he added.

University Chancellor Dr. Katia Passerini, a key ICSB member, attended the Academy Cup as an event speaker and mentor. “We are delighted that our entrepreneurial students have been able to participate in the activities of the ICSB Academy and work on university teams around the world,” said Rector Passerini. We are committed to spreading the family spirit to all our students and are excited to have them share their stories and act as mentors to others.”

Susan Scherreik, MBA, is director of the Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and was an Academy Cup mentor. “Our students are great representatives of the Stillman School of Business and Seton Hall University and we are very proud of them,” she said. “It was a great opportunity to network with dynamic student entrepreneurs from all over the world.”

Students participated in a series of workshops, lectures, and brainstorming sessions to challenge, inspire, and build their entrepreneurial skills. Speakers at the event emphasized the importance of building new ventures that benefit communities and society. Students and mentors discussed how companies can incorporate the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals into their plans and the importance of measuring business success by the triple bottom line of profit, people and planet. In addition, students met with social entrepreneurs who provide vocational training and placements to low-income Washington residents and improve poor neighborhoods.

Seton Hall University students Peter Colon and Cara Said were recognized along with their teammates for winning the Academy Cup business competition.

Seton Hall University students Peter Colon and Cara Said were recognized as teammates for winning the Academy Cup business competition.

Students spent the week teaming up with mentors to develop innovative social entrepreneurship business models. They tackled issues such as reducing our carbon footprint, supporting third world hospitals, eliminating online sexual harassment, and encouraging student volunteerism on campus. A highlight of the Academy was the Business Pitch Competition, which was evaluated by an independent jury. As members of the winning team, Cash Money Contractors, Stillman students Colon and Saeed, and their teammates were honored with his ICSB Cup at his ICSB Gala on the final night.

The Academy Cup was neither work nor play. Students toured the Textile Museum on the GWU campus, watched a play at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, watched the annual fireworks display on the National Mall, and attended the Washington Nationals baseball game. “I would like to give a special thanks to ICSB for organizing a fun week and introducing me to entrepreneurs, future policy makers and world leaders,” said Syed. Her views were echoed by Seton, her Hall student fellow Stevens. “Everything has been amazing, but I really want to highlight the connections. It’s been inspiring to be with world-changing people in so many different fields,” he said.

In addition to the United States, this year’s event attracted students from Argentina, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, India, Indonesia and Malaysia. The Academy Cup is held in a different country each year and attracts students from all over the world. Rector Passerini commented: