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Stephan James Thriller "Delia's Gone" Acquired by Vertical Entertainment-Deadline

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Exclusive: Vertical Entertainment Limits US Rights to Dramatic Thrillers in the Starry Sky Delia’s GoneWriter / Director Robert Budreau (Born to be blue), It will be released at theaters nationwide on August 19th.

The film follows Louis (Golden Globe nominee Stephen James), who lives with his sister Delia (Genel Williams), who has intellectual disabilities and suffers from his father’s posthumous addiction. After a night’s drink, Delia’s truck was found left behind in a bar, and a local sheriff (Oscar winner Marisa Tomei) soon realized she had been killed. All evidence shows Louis, who was pressured by police, pleaded guilty, and sentenced to five years in prison for the murder of his sister. Once released, Louis is trapped in a home care facility and visited by Stacker (Travis Fimmel). Stacker (Travis Fimmel) is one of the last men to see Delia alive. This means that there is more to her death than visible. Armed with this new information, Louis escapes the facility on a personal mission to find the person responsible for Delia’s mysterious death.

Delia’s Gone Paul Walter Hauser (Black bird) And Hamzahaku (Transplant). A film based on the story of Michael Hamburg was produced by Budlow and Jonathan Bronfman. Executive producers of the project included James, William G. Center, Andrew Chansang, John Hills, Adam Morito, Michael Hamburg, Patrick Roy, Ann Clare Villeneuve, Mark Zinglas, John Rain and Daniel Bauer.

The release of this film will be accompanied by a social impact campaign led by GSD Group Impact Producers Bonnie Abounza, Kathleen Rogers and Bryce Kraknell. Healing and prevention. Radiant Films deals with all international distribution rights.

“”Delia’s Gone Writer and director Robert Budreau captivated the audience with Stephan James’ powerful performance, providing a subtle and impactful story of the loss, resilience and redemption journey of a man. ” The producer said in a joint statement. “We couldn’t ask for a more talented ensemble cast to bring the story to life. We look forward to bringing this film to the audience in August of this year and experiencing it for ourselves.”

“”Delia’s Gone Is an emotionally fascinating thriller and shows that one person makes a sacrifice for a loved one, “added Vertical Entertainment partner Peter Jaroway. “This movie is a Productivity Media we’ve worked with in the past, featuring a world-class cast and the amazing team behind it. For Good Days.. I couldn’t be more excited to partner again with such an impactful story. “

Vertical Entertainment is a global independent distributor founded in 2012 and recently acquired Tom Harp’s comedy. Donor party, Katie Holmes Tribe-The Best Romantic Drama AloneAnd political satire DreamlandSheila Vand and Matt Dillon, who also made their debut at the New York festival, are staring at them. There will also be John Patton Ford’s Sundance 2022pic. Detective EmilyStarring Aubrey Plaza and Theo Rossi, will be released in August with roadside attractions.

Jarowey and Rich Goldberg Delia’s Gone On behalf of Vertical Entertainment.