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St. Pete Startup Offers Flower Education Through Party • St. Pete Catalyst

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Local entrepreneurs have combined flowers, education, wine and friendship to create a burgeoning mobile business.

After a four-week summer break, Thrive DTSP brought together local founders and business leaders for Wednesday’s Million Cups event. Erica Holland announces Roaming Her Petals, a growing company offering floral design workshops for business events and home gatherings.

Holland, who launched his startup about 18 months ago, explained that Roaming Petal delivers flowers and supplies for workshops and provides step-by-step instructions on how to create flower arrangements.

“We are just educating people about how to care for flowers, keep them alive and keep them fresh, not just in our workshops. We can keep it going longer,” Holland said after the event. “But have fun. We want to have fun.”

According to Holland, a key aspect of the business is its mobility. This allows Roaming Petal to serve offices, events and homes in St. Petersburg and the region. Workshops can provide an added element to baby or bridal showers and birthday parties, she said.

Holland says the surrounding community has enthusiastically welcomed her startup since its launch in February 2021, and recently hired its first two employees. She added that the Million Cup will provide significant exposure to the city’s entrepreneurs, while a panel of local business leaders will provide creative advice and feedback to successfully grow the company.

“In addition to informing other members who may not yet know who we are about what I do in the community and how we are growing.” said Holland.

At the event, Holland explained that she came up with the idea for Roaming Petal during a trip to Bali. I started helping out at the flower shop.

“I have noticed that many people like to receive flowers, get them as gifts, or buy them at the local grocery store or market, but no one knows what to do with them. “So we came up with a solution that brings education and fun together.”

After returning home, Holland created Roaming Petal to share what he learned in Bali. As she enjoys wine and conversation, participants in her workshop create flower arrangements and receive useful tips for their personal lives.

Holland purchases flowers provided by Roaming Petal from wholesalers in Largo and Tampa and only buys what it needs. She also avoids storefronts, which she said help keep overheads low.

Using Book and Bottle in downtown St. Pete as an example, Holland said he’s working with local businesses to identify open days to host workshops. Work out details such as whether wine is included in the ticket price for the event.

Roaming Petal offers a 2 hour flower design party that includes flowers, leaves and vases. Private event combining seasonal flowers with a minimum of 10 participants required. A virtual workshop where the company delivers flowers and live instruction takes place online. Accordingly, the rate he is around $40-$60 per person.

Holland told the panel that her workshops typically have between 10 and 20 people, and that she is seeking their help to scale the service to larger corporate events with 20 to 40 attendees. said.

“If you have a budget, you can work within it,” said Holland of the corporate function. “We just bring different types of flowers and different types of elements to use as opposed to the traditional ones that we bring to the event.”

In addition to Roaming Petal, Holland works full time as a graphic designer for a local advertising agency. She runs the company in the evenings and weekends “and during that time she is hourly.”

With two recent additions to help schedule more events, Holland hopes to continue to establish a presence in the community and successfully scale its business.

“I’m just really looking for connections,” she said.

For more information on The Roaming Petal, please visit their website here.