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St. Cloud State University's Faculty of Education and Learning Design expands its online services with a master's degree in a flexible and accessible educational program.

July 27, 2022 — St. Cloud State University announced the expansion of its online portfolio of graduate degrees supported by the Academic Partnership (AP) from the fall of 2022. The new online graduate-level education program complements the existing portfolio supported by AP. Online MBA Business Program.

St. Cloud State University, like the online MBA program launched in the spring, is a professional who works, especially those who want to expand their career but need the flexibility to balance both personal and professional goals. We are designing these graduate education programs with this in mind.

“These new online acceleration programs create flexible opportunities for students to access outstanding faculty members who are deeply committed to high standards and excellence in teaching and learning. Our staff is professional. Prepared and readily available to provide full-time academic and student support. We take a systematic and supportive approach to student performance assessment that builds student confidence and success. Dr. Jennifer Mueller, Dean of the Faculty of St. Cloud State University, said: Of Education and Learning Design.

St. Cloud State University’s Education and Learning Design Program offers opportunities for active and applied learning, a practitioner-focused curriculum, and field experience. The university focuses on being an institution of choice for students seeking a degree in the areas of engineering and applied sciences, overall health and wellness, and leadership across all disciplines, as well as in the field of education. It is on the cutting edge. Focusing on high-demand areas while offering a variety of opportunities for student success It’s time, The university’s strategic framework for the future. St. Cloud State University is boldly rethinking how to provide education to its students. This online accelerated format is one of several new initiatives designed to meet the professional goals of students and the needs of top employers inside and outside the region.

St. Cloud State University is proud to be a member of the Association for Quality Improvement in Educator Preparation (AAQEP), a national accreditation body recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and Areas. In addition, the Faculty of Education, Learning and Design and its Teacher Education Unit are leaders in the revitalization of education in Minnesota and the country.

St. Cloud State University’s educational program enjoys a long-standing reputation throughout the Midwest by developing a nurturing, innovative and creative approach to education and developing professionals who are well prepared for the classroom. doing. In the Faculty of Education, Learning and Design, students are passionate and academic excellence is a guiding principle.

Applications are accepted and the online course will start on August 22nd. Apply for the next MS program by August 8th.

St. Cloud State University is a leader in Central Minnesota, offering graduate education with over 60 application certificates, master’s and doctoral programs. The Faculty of Education, Learning and Design prepares educators from pre-kindergarten to doctoral level to meet the needs of learners, parents and communities. Graduates play an integral role in the personal growth and development of individuals in Minnesota, the United States, and international schools and communities. Students, graduates and faculty are using their knowledge and skills to strengthen their communities, contribute to a better and more equitable future, and make a big difference in the lives of the people they touch.

AP is a leading online facilitator primarily focused on adult learners and partners with approximately 55 universities across North America, primarily regional universities. AP helps these institutions increase access to the highest quality and affordable workforce-related education.

St. Cloud State University and its faculty ensure academic quality by managing all aspects of education, curriculum, and course content, and AP helps future students reach out and works with faculty to conduct courses. Helps you convert online. format.

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About St. Cloud State University

Founded in 1869, St. Cloud State University prepares students for life, work, and citizenship in the 21st century on the banks of the Mississippi River in St. Cloud, Minnesota. In its rigorous academic program, students apply their knowledge in a real environment. With personalized student support, the institution’s 200 undergraduate academic programs, 60 graduate degrees, and two PhD programs serve more than 10,000 students. St. Cloud State University is leading the future by boldly changing the way it serves a new generation of students with a focus on research and innovation. For more information about St. Cloud State University, please visit

About Academic Partnership

Based in Dallas, Texas, Academic Partnerships is an online facilitator that helps higher education institutions in North America make their academic programs available online and recruits and maintains qualified students throughout the program’s completion. AP’s mission is to increase access to the highest quality and affordable workforce-related education, especially for working and adult students. Founded in Digital Innovation over a decade ago, Academic Partnerships brings dedicated dedication, an integrated set of services, and data-driven performance to collaboration with university partners. For more information on innovative online learning solutions, please visit