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Sports TV is slow to accept fast channels –

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Note: The following is based on the content of a special Variety Intelligence Platform report on a survey of free ad support Streaming TV (FAST) available only to subscribers.

Sport is a major genre of FAST, occupying 117 different channels as of July 2022.

Still, there are as many sports channels as cable TV, but the reality of FAST is very different. Many major sports leagues and brands lack an easy crossover presence, such as cable networks, leagues and digital brands.

Existing in the world of sports FAST is a treasure trove of channels that provide viewers with niche content at low cost, which is one of the main premise of this format. To that end, the four most distributed sports on different channels are MMA, Adventure Sports / Outdoors, Motorsports and Wrestling. All of these fall into the major sports leagues when viewed on TV.

Sport transportation varies significantly from platform to platform. Some of Allen Media Group’s LocalNow and Sports.TV services offer a variety of sports shows, even if they are often niche. However, what is important is the fact that the majority of FAST platforms offer several combinations of sports content, most of which include more than 10 channels in their lineup.

Assessing the most popular sports FAST network reveals some interesting patterns. The first is for use on some networks that can also be used as a FAST wireless digital net as an alternative to distribution. Channels such as beIN Sports Xtra and Stadium make the most of FAST to stand in front of as many viewers as possible.

Then there are a number of special channels led by World Poker Tour, Outside TV +, and Outdoor America. These channels can thrive as FAST due to their low upfront costs, dramatically reducing the size of the viewers needed to make a profit.

Brands with an established television presence seeking to take advantage of existing viewers’ monetization also occupy some of the most popular sports channels. Impact! Wrestling, Pac-12 Insider, and ACC Digital Network are widely distributed, especially pointing to the future where other college football conferences will launch their own channels.

However, not all sports embrace the potential of FAST. Many cable networks either stimulate it completely (ESPN) or program FAST with old talk show content that viewers don’t attract (Fox Sports).

Leagues are also slow to act on what FAST brings. There are no NHL, NBA or NASCAR channels available in leagues such as EPL (1), MLS (1), UFC (1), PGA Tour (3), (WWE (1), NFL (4), MLB (4)) . 4) We haven’t seen a big expansion yet. This is a big mistake as FAST provides a way for leagues to monetize old content and attract fans more often. A strategic shift should occur soon.

The same is true for SVOD services, which have exclusive sports rights. Paramount +, Peacock, ESPN +, etc. do not have upsell channels and introduce some content to promote and attract more viewers. Especially for Paramount + and ESPN +, a variety of sports content is available, so this is a strategy that can be easily modified without compromising existing subscriptions.

Some sports show that they recognize the value that FAST can offer. Expect that within the next 18 months, many of the major sports brands will also be fully involved and will radically change the face of Sports FAST.