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Spa: Improve the staff and guest experience through technology

Today’s spas offer a relaxing and healing guest experience by using technology seamlessly and effectively to personalize each guest’s visit. Whether it’s a day spa, a destination spa, or a hotel / resort spa, all of these facilities utilize state-of-the-art technology solutions to efficiently operate staff, exceed guest expectations, and provide positive reviews and reviews. We need to encourage revisits so that we can stay competitive.

Personalization is the key to retaining guests and earning more. Some proven technology solutions help staff work easier and free up more time to focus on the treatment experience they provide to their guests. Many of these solutions also allow guests to view services and activities in advance, make reservations, and pay for them. This allows you to further personalize your interaction with and enjoyment of spa services.

What does today’s spa say about technology?

Like most hospitality businesses, spas face the challenges of staff shortages, supply chain problems, and efficient customer demand. Top priorities are automating manual processes, maximizing productivity, and increasing staff time with guests. Leading spas implement technology solutions that allow guests to proactively identify and select spa services, treatment providers and products during the booking process. The spa now allows guests to personalize their visits and access options online or on their mobile devices. These spas are tools that serve more guests while increasing productivity by adding solutions that help automate processes such as booking management, payroll, staff scheduling, inventory management, and point-of-sale. To the staff.

In a March 2022 ISPA member snapshot survey, 62% of respondents said demand for spa services was higher than capacity, even though 73% of spas were open seven days a week. .. 21% require customers to book service 2-3 weeks in advance and 17% need to book at least 3 weeks in advance. 92% use the waiting list when full, as the facility wants to ensure that customers aren’t forced to alienate due to insufficient providers available.

Studies show that many spa facilities have recently implemented new technologies or will implement them in 2022 as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the most popular guest technologies currently implemented by the spa or planned to be added in 2022 is mobile or contactless payment. — Photo by Agilysys
One of the most popular guest technologies currently implemented by the spa or planned to be added in 2022 is mobile or contactless payment. — Photo by Agilysys

As for online booking tools, 69% of respondents have already implemented them and 27% plan to implement them in 2022. In addition, 48% already offer touchless payment options and 30% plan to add the following tools: Several months. Revenue management is also a popular option, with 56% reporting that they have already implemented the solution and 28% planning to implement it in 2022.

Many spas speed up the check-in process by offering guests tablet-based mobile options onsite. Digital exemption is an increasingly common use of tablets during check-in. If the guest did not fill out the exemption prior to arrival, it can be filled out at check-in. Currently, 37% of survey respondents say they offer a digital exemption, and 40% plan to do so this year.

Finally, the overwhelming 78% of respondents plan to consider new spa management software for their facilities in 2022. Other areas of interest include smart booking, cost management and time management. These spa businesses recognize the benefits of combining the experience of therapeutic guests with the ease and productivity facilitated by the latest technology.

Many solutions automate tasks and free up more time for staff to assist guests. — Photo by AgilysysMany solutions automate tasks and free up more time for staff to assist guests. — Photo by Agilysys
Many solutions automate tasks and free up more time for staff to assist guests. — Photo by Agilysys

Technology improves staff experience

The survey responses clearly show that Spa is interested in adding to the technology toolkit. They recognize the benefits of solutions that facilitate the work of managers and staff.

Improve your staff experience by having tools that help your staff be more productive and spend more time focusing on their guests. Making the staff experience more positive leads directly to improved service levels and guest experiences.

Today’s spas have access to tools that really let guests know. Allowing guests to book online using the device of their choice begins the process of creating a single guest profile. Through this profile, service providers and spa staff can learn more about each guest’s preferences so that they can personalize their visits. In addition, spa facilities can build loyalty using digital marketing solutions that leverage guest profiles to create customized offers that are automatically sent before booking or after guest visits to facilitate future appointments. increase.

Technology solutions support single or multiple spa locations and can create a database of guest profiles as a whole or by location. You can automate scheduling, optimize the providers available for bookings, and anticipate your inventory needs. In addition, the integration of inventory and point-of-sale (POS) systems enables real-time retail product updates and supply needs. Payroll reports with service and product commission structures, and yield management with dynamic availability and pricing are available. Administrators can see real-time updates through an easy-to-use dashboard with access to appointments, guest profiles, provider scheduling, payroll, inventory, and revenue management.

In addition, many spas implement a booking engine that encourages guests to book more services based on existing bookings. These upsell opportunities help the spa grow revenue while allowing guests to personalize and enhance their spa experience. A mobile app tailored specifically for the spa can be updated with the spa brand and guidelines. These solutions increase operational efficiency, increase productivity, increase retention of talented staff, and earn more appointments and revenue.

Learning guest preferences and accessing real-time inventory opens the door to upsell opportunities. — Photo by AgilysysLearning guest preferences and accessing real-time inventory opens the door to upsell opportunities. — Photo by Agilysys
Learning guest preferences and accessing real-time inventory opens the door to upsell opportunities. — Photo by Agilysys

Improving the guest experience with technology

Technology allows resort guests to pre-book spa services and other activities when booking a room. Each guest can create a single guest itinerary that reflects all appointments, services and restaurant reservations. By allowing guests to pre-book activities and reservations, properties can better plan their schedule and inventory needs by benefiting the property by notifying staff in advance of demand.

A single guest profile can inform you of a variety of unique and personalized experiences, from serving your favorite tea during your visit to suggesting purchases of hard-to-find products when the system shows inventory. I can do it.

Personalizing each guest’s experience based on knowing their particular preferences will increase satisfaction, loyalty, positive reviews, more likely revisits, and enthusiastic recommendations to friends. You can.

Spa guests need to stay there If the hotel or resort facility does not have a spa, guests can use the branded mobile app to book additional services or select a service provider / attendant. You can provide access to manage members anytime, anywhere. Create profiles before, during, and after your visit to view other content. Through the app, guests can check in, fill out intake forms, view facility safety features, learn expectations on arrival, and make digital payments for services.

Spa and resort guests are now expecting a mobile experience. They are already using their mobile devices to order food delivery and ride-sharing services. Equipped with properties to provide better service by providing a mobile solution that is easy to use and allows all bookings to be viewed in one place on one guest’s itinerary, allowing guests to make their own choices. Enhances client retention.

Technology is the key to improving the staff and guest experience
The conclusion is as follows. A successful tech-enabled spa experience is rooted in providing all staff members with an effective tech-enabled experience across the property. By creating a single guest itinerary and providing the right tools to manage behind-the-scenes operations from inventory to point-of-sale to scheduling, staff can personalize each guest’s experience. Providing guests with the right tools to access and manage their profiles, select spa services and providers, and pre-fill the required forms, respect each guest’s time, and have flexible mobile access that guests prefer. Provide.

The successful spa business features state-of-the-art technology in a quiet and healing environment, ensuring that all guests remain positive and frictionless through a seamless and accessible process. To be competitive, these facilities implement technology solutions that automate many manual tasks, increase staff time to focus on customers, and provide easy access to personalized experiences. When the property facilitates the work of staff, it directly improves service levels and guest satisfaction scores.

At spa facilities, the latest technology is the key to a more positive experience for both staff and guests, and deploying the right technology solutions will increase staff retention, increase repeater rates, and create more revenue opportunities. We are more and more aware that it will become clear.

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