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Sony Music Entertainment and Trafalgar Release Official Full Trailer for a-ha 'True North'

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a-ha (Image by Stian Andersen, Courtesy of Trafalgar Releasing/Solters/Sony Music)

a-ha (Image by Stian Andersen, Courtesy of Trafalgar Releasing/Solters/Sony Music)

Friday, August 5, 2022 16:20

Tickets for the global event on Thursday, September 15 are now on sale in select cinemas worldwide

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√ a-ha’s new studio album ‘True North’ out October 21st

In the official full trailer, a-ha’s Magne Furuholmen explains: It was kind of an inspiration to see this as a performance in a movie with a story related to the content of these songs. ”

Sony Music Entertainment Premium Content and Trafalgar Releases on Thursday unveiled the official full trailer for a-ha’s upcoming film True North, which will accompany her new studio album of the same name. ‘True North’ opens in select cinemas worldwide on Thursday, September 15th, followed by his album release on Friday, October 21st. The film also includes special behind-the-scenes footage exclusive to cinemas.Watch the official full trailer here.

The press release states: shoot it Eventually, the project expanded to more productions, with the participation of the talented Norwegian orchestra Arctic Philharmonic. What emerged from these sessions was an epic album and a fitting film, detailing the band’s vision of a collective connection with the environment. ”

“‘True North’ is a letter from a-ha from the Arctic Circle, a poem from the far north of Norway,” said Furuholmen.

a-ha, ‘True North’ (Image credit: Trafalgar Releasing/Solters/Sony Music)


The press release continues: Directed by longtime a-ha collaborator Stian Andersen, this unique release from a-ha embodies the spirit of the new song. ”

He said, “Directing the ‘True North’ film was an honorable commission. It was also a great pleasure to write and create the story to a-ha’s beautiful songs on this film.”

Since their global breakthrough in 1985 with “Take On Me”, a-ha has continued to adapt and evolve. With his 11th studio album and production documentation, a-ha is entering a new phase.

“Initially, we had the idea of ​​recording the studio sessions live,” says Waaktaar-Savoy. “Then we shoot a studio session.

The press release read, “‘True North’ are our most exposed, most personal and most influential band. Never before has the spirit of a-ha been so exposed. .”

“True North” is produced by Aparent in collaboration with Sony Music Germany, Bodø2024 and Aker Horizons and distributed by Sony Music Entertainment’s premium content division. The film is theatrically distributed worldwide by Trafalgar Releasing.

The “True North” film opens in select cinemas worldwide through Trafalgar Releasing on September 15th. Screening locally at the North Park Theater at 1428 Hartel Avenue in Buffalo.