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Sony Music Entertainment and Trafalgar Release Announce A-ha "True North" Theater Debut

Movies to be released in some movie theaters around the world on September 15th

Sony Music Entertainment and Trafalgar Release Announce A-ha

Tickets released on Thursday, August 4th
a-ha’s new studio album True north October 21
clock “True North” teaser trailer here
clock “I’m In” music video From “True North”

July 28, 2022 – Sony Music Entertainment Premium Content and Trafalgar Release Today Announces Release Dates for A-ha’s Next Movie True northAccompaniment for their new studio album of the same title. True north Released on September 15th in some cinemas around the world, the album will continue on October 21st... The film also includes a special behind-the-scenes feature exclusively for cinemas. Watch the teaser trailer here.

Original idea of True north A Norwegian trio of Morten Harket, Paul Waaktaar Savoy and Magne Furuholmen to record and film the first session in a great studio just 90 kilometers above the Arctic Circle. did. Eventually, the project expanded to more productions, with the participation of the talented Norwegian orchestra, the Arctic Philharmonic. The result of these sessions is a great album and a film that details the band’s vision of a collective connection to the environment. “True north is a letter from a-ha from the Arctic Circle, a poem from the northernmost tip of Norway.” Fulholmen says.

In a repetitive vignette, multidimensional True north The film follows the arc of the story through an actor who portrays life in the north and an actor who recorded a band that recorded music for two days in Bode, Norway. This is a unique release from a-ha, directed by Stian Andersen, a longtime collaborator of a-ha, embodying the spirit of the new song.Directing a True North film was an honorable task. It is also a great pleasure to write and create a story to the beautiful a-ha song of this movie. “

Since the global breakthrough in “Take On Me” in 1985, a-ha has continued to adapt and evolve. Now, with both their 11th studio album and the documentation for its creation, a-ha has entered a new stage. “First, I had the idea of ​​recording a studio session live.” Waaktaar-Savoy says. “Let’s shoot a studio session. It has grown into more work with the Norwegian orchestra we have collaborated with, the Philharmonic of the Arctic Circle.”

The first offering of a-ha from the next album is the single “I’m In”, a deeply influential and mysterious official music video. True north. Have a look at this.

True north Their clearest, most personal and most influential band. The spirit of a-ha has never been so revealed.

True north Produced by Aparent in collaboration with Sony Music Germany, Bodø 2024 and Aker Holdings, and distributed by Sony Music Entertainment’s Premium Content Division. The film has been released in theaters worldwide by Trafalgar Releasing.

The True north The film will be screened in some cinemas around the world via Trafalgar Release on September 15, 2022. Tickets for sale starting August 4th – Visit

The True north The album will be released on October 21st. Book now and sign up for more information at