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Santorini Experience 2022 Official Presentation Highlights Culture & Sports

Athens-Santorini tourism is set to gain even more momentum with the Santorini Experience 2022. Amateur and professional swimmers and runners are expected to return to one of the world’s top tourist destinations through sports tourism. In his sixth year, the Santorini Experience takes place September 23-25 ​​and includes unique running and swimming routes set against the backdrop of Santorini’s enchanting landscape.

On July 27th, the official presentation of this year’s event took place at the Acropolis Museum and was attended by Deputy Minister of Tourism Sophia Zacharaki, President of the Greek National Tourism Board Angela Gerekou, Mayor Antonis Sigastira, Deputy Mayor of Thira and Sofia’s Head of Culture. attended. Kitsou and his Akis Tsolis, CEO of his ActiveMedia Group, were greeted by Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports Lefteris Avgenakis via his video message. The press conference included Nikos Gemelos, his director of technical swimming races for the event, world champion in open water swimming, representative of athletes in his federation of hellenic swimming, and Kelly Arouszo, member of the board of directors. It was held in the presence of the president. Greek Sports Press Yannis Theodorakopoulos Association, and many journalists.

Left to right: Sofia Kitu, Sofia Zacharaki, Antonis Sigalas, Angela Gerekow. Photo credit: Mike Tsolis/Santorini Experience

The city of Thira intends not only to host a major tourism event in Santorini, but also to highlight the cultural wealth of the world’s leading tourist destination by hosting the Santorini Experience after two years of the pandemic. I’m here.

In the context of the press conference, Thira Mayor Sigalas said: Our goal is to further upgrade the tourism product and enrich it with new and alternative forms of tourism that offer unprecedented experiences. His two sports that he presented at the Santorini Experience The symbolism of the names of his activities is clear. We want to combine authentic experiences with the history and elements of our cultural reserve and honor the founders of the Loula & Evangelos Nomikos Foundation. “

Left to right: Sofia Zacharaki and Angela Gerekow. Photo credit: Mike Tsolis/Santorini Experience

In response, Deputy Minister of Tourism Zacharaki said: This wonderful island and our country. At the same time, we encourage everyone attending this event to return. Santorini offers no shortage of reasons to return to the island, but there are plenty of reasons to visit for the first time. We are there both in sponsorship and physical presence, but mainly because this event takes place in Greece and adds to our overall efforts for quality, sustainability and balance. I have a message to tell the whole world. “

Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports Avgenakis said via video: What makes this event so special is the perfect combination of Santorini’s culture, history and natural richness, with the region’s sport and tourism as its main driving force. “

Hellenic National Tourist Board Chairman Gerekou emphasized: A special event that combines sport, tourism and culture, the Santorini Experience can boost tourism in Santorini in a very dynamic way. “

Kitzou, Deputy Mayor and Minister of Culture of Thira, said: Tira. At 2.30 meters high and weighing about 750 kilograms, the find will be unveiled to the world for the first time in the outdoor area of ​​the Archaeological Museum of Thira. He decided to name the half marathon after Daedalic Kore, so we’re especially happy that ActiveMedia Group shared this vision with us. This year there is yet another reason to attend the Santorini Experience to see the Daedalic Kore up close. “

Left to right: Nikos Gemelos and Kelly Araouzou. Photo credit: Mike Tsolis/Santorini Experience

Akis Tsolis, CEO of ActiveMedia Group, said: The high-quality and diverse events created are sporting events with a unique Greek identity, national treasures on which the national income directly depends and, as a whole, contribute to the welfare of the country. Additionally, you should keep in mind that you are not creating a brand, you are creating an engaging audience. We don’t have a say in this, but our participants are the only participants because they relate to them. For this reason, we are optimistic about our new venture. “

Take a ‘journey’ through images of Santorini’s spectacular scenery and songs composed by Kid Moxsey, a renowned Greek artist who has had an international career in Los Angeles. The music was inspired by the Santuri, an ancient musical instrument that is an integral part of the Greek tradition and is widespread around the world, including India, China, the West, the Middle East and the Balkans.

Watch the teaser video here:

Register Now – Free Registration for Thira Municipality Citizens

Participants can register to take part in the impressive Thila Half Marathon Daedalic Kore and the 1.5-mile L&E Nomikos Open Water Swimming. Citizens of Thira can attend for free. Register here:

Run at Daedalic Kore in the Thila Half Marathon. (Photo by Santorini Experience)

The Daedalic Kore of Thira Half Marathon takes place on Saturday 24th September and runs through the fascinating areas of Oia, Imerovigli and Fira. More routes and surprises to be announced.

Participating athletes can swim the unique 1.5-mile (2.4 km) L & E Nomikos open water swimming route at the Santorini Experience. The swimming event starts on Sunday, September 25th at the volcano, ending at Fira’s Old Port, under an impressive view of the island.

The Santorini Experience is now in its sixth year and is organized by the City of Thira and the Sports Tourism Division of ActiveMedia Group.

The event is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and the National Tourism Authority of Greece.

More details on new surprises at this year’s event and special offers on access to Santorini will be announced in the coming weeks at