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Sandstone Technology Positioned as a Leader in 2022 SPARK Matrix™ for Digital Banking Platforms by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

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  • The Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix™ provides competitive analysis and rankings of leading digital banking platform vendors.
  • Sandstone Technology has comprehensive technology and customer experience management, and is highly rated across technology excellence and customer impact parameters.

middleton, massachusetts, August 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Quadrant Knowledge Solutions today announced that it has named Sandstone Technology a 2022 Technology Leader in its 2022 Global SPARK Matrix™: Analysis of the Digital Banking Platforms Market.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ SPARK Matrix™ includes in-depth analysis of global market dynamics, key trends, vendor landscape, and competitive positioning. This research provides competitive analysis and rankings of leading technology vendors in the form of a SPARK Matrix™. The study provides strategic information for users to assess the capabilities, competitive differentiation, and market position of various providers.

according to Mega LuntaAnalyst, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, “Sandstone’s enterprise-class predictive digital banking platform, named the BXP platform, features robust digital banking capabilities that enable users to gain comprehensive customer insights and deliver personalized customer experiences. The company continues to deliver value to its customers: best-of-breed native mobile applications, support for digital experience platforms, ability for banks to develop their own features and widgets, Kubernetes support for Through key technology differentiators such as increased scalability and integration with the company’s native DIVA solution.” add mega: “With its ability to address diverse use cases, robust product strategy and roadmap, and strong industry expertise, Sandstone Technology has earned a strong reputation across the parameters of technological excellence and customer impact.” , positioned as a Leader in SPARK Matrix: Digital Banking Platforms, 2022.

Abhish Saha, Executive General Manager of Digital Banking at Sandstone Technology, said: “Digital transformation of banks is needed more than ever with the rapid changes in the current financial landscape. It means constantly finding ways to innovate, strengthen the financial ecosystem, and look to the future.”

Saha added“It is about taking a holistic view and identifying where the complex can be simplified. By putting the customer experience at the center of your business goals, you can create digital banking services that meet customer expectations and enable a better experience for your customers and bank employees. ”

A digital banking platform enables banks to drive digital transformation initiatives and provide customers with a seamless and cohesive banking experience across all digital touchpoints. The platform serves as a framework to enable financial institutions to take full control of their digital strategy, changing and optimizing aspects of their operations across all devices and channels.

Collecting omnichannel customer feedback/experience data, evaluating customer feedback, closing loops, continuously monitoring internal and external data points to improve products and services, reducing churn, increasing customer lifetime value, customer acquisition A significant value proposition and retention of digital banking platforms, such as the increase in , is driving the technology market growth across regions and industry segments. Due to increased competition and exponential growth opportunities, several new vendors are offering innovative technologies. Leading digital banking platform vendors are investing heavily in improving the AI ​​and machine learning capabilities of their products to support a wide range of marketing and CX use cases, leveraging automation and advanced analytics to improve the overall performance of campaigns. improved performance and effectiveness.

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About sandstone technology

For over 25 years, Sandstone Technology has transformed the banking experience, innovating and simplifying the customer journey and bank employee experience. Our high customer retention rate is a track record of more than 30 financial institutions. Australia, new zealand, Asia and the England We put our trust in our solutions. From digital banking, digital acquisitions, loan originations, to AI-driven intelligent document processing, Sandstone partners with global banks and financial institutions to reduce risk, sustain growth, and improve their overall digital transformation program. We are improving efficiency.

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