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Salute the magic of a black girl in higher education!

Sometimes you need to take the time to praise people who are doing great things. These stories of two great colleagues fall into that great category this week. Let’s sing their praise!

Roxarn Greg, currently director of the TRIO Advancement Program at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), has been appointed Executive Director of the TRIO Program at the University of Notre Dame, including Talent Search and Advancement Program.

“Roxanne’s leadership, experience and vision make her an excellent person to play such an important role in Notre Dame’s TRIO program,” said Notre Dame’s Vice President and Advisor to Institutional Transformation. Rev. Cannon Hugh R. Page Jr. said.

“Her passion for providing educational opportunities for young people is of immense value as it helps her guide our TRIO program at critical times. Welcome her to the Notre Dame community. I’m glad. “

Greg plays this role by combining more than 25 years of experience in advice, student support and development, first grade transition, and admissions programs.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and mathematics from Indiana University-Purdu University Fort Wayne and an MBA in Management and Human Resources from Indiana Tech.

She will begin her appointment at Notre Dame on August 1st.

The TRIO Program is a federal-funded university opportunity program that motivates and assists students at a disadvantage in obtaining a university degree.

The program provides academic guidance, personal counseling, mentoring, financial guidance, and other necessary support for access and maintenance of education for local students. Notre Dame’s TRIO program (Upward Bound and Talent Search) serves first-generation and low-income students at South Bend Community School Corporation.

The main focus of the University of Notre Dame’s TRIO program is to increase college graduation rates to ensure South Bend’s competitiveness in the global economy by helping build a highly educated and highly skilled workforce. ..

Twenty-one years later, Dr. Hariler A. Shabaz accepted his position as the first Vice-President and Chief Diversity Officer of Butler University. In fact, Dr. Shabaz’s tenure at IUPUI exceeds her employment. Each of her three degrees was obtained from both the IU School and Purdue School on the IUPUI campus.

Her work with the Student African-American Brotherhood (SAAB) across the country urged Dr. Shabaz to create SAAS (IUPUI’s Student African-American Sisters). Today, universities across the United States have more than 20 SAAS branches.

Dr. Shabaz was also encouraged to develop a Diversity Enhancement Achievement Program while at IUPUI. Borrowed and trusted by a foundation established by IUPUI student activists at the Black Student Toy Initiative.

Dr. Shabaz created the “Throughtheir Eyes Scholarship” language available to the descendants of those who lost their homes in the founding of IUPUI.

Together with Dr. Eric Williams, she shared the story of our students with the leaders of the entire IUPUI campus through “Our Campus, Our Voice: The Experience of IUPUI Black Students.” She is an active member of several committees, a very popular speaker and trainer, and most recently Vice President of Student Diversity at IUPUI.

The opportunity given to her is the opportunity for Harilla Shabaz to prepare her entire career. As she enrolls at Butler University, she returns to her beloved Sorority, Sigma Gammaro’s home. Sigma Gamma Row is one of the great-grandmothers of its founder, Harilla, and celebrated its 100th anniversary at the Indianapolis Convention Center last weekend. Dr. Shabaz is returning to the facility to continue the work initiated by the founder of Sigma Gamma Low.

Congratulations to Roxanne and Khalilah! The best of Black Girl Magic!

CIRCLECITY CONNECTION by Vernon A. Williams is a series of essays on a myriad of topics, including social issues, human interests, entertainment, and profiles of people who make the difference in an ever-evolving society. Williams is a 40-year veteran journalist based in Indianapolis, commonly referred to as Circle City. Send her comments and questions to: [email protected]