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Russia's Regime Change Plan Don't Bring US into War

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Five months after the war of aggression against Ukraine, the Russian government was finally clean. I want a change of power. “We are determined to help people in eastern Ukraine free themselves from the burden of this absolutely unacceptable regime,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said. Sunday saidDrape the conquest in free clothing.

This is a new line from Moscow and is actually a reversal of the early rhetoric of the war. For example, in March, a representative of Lavrov’s division admitted that the Kremlin wanted to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO, but refused to design Kyiv. Moscow’s plan “does not include the occupation of Ukraine or the destruction of its nation.” She said“It is not the overthrow of the current government,” led by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Now that pretense has fallen, Lavrov’s approval should be a stockline for discussions of expanded US military intervention in the conflict. Still, as Lavrov’s comment is horrifying, it does not change any of the underlying reasons for avoiding the war between the United States and Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has launched an invasion claiming self-defense. Allowing Ukraine to work more closely with the West, especially to join NATO, “will be absolutely irresponsible to us.” He said.. “For our country, it’s a matter of life and death, a matter of our historic future as a nation.” Putin would destroy Russian culture if Russia did not preempt Ukraine. Insisted on. Ukraine will genocide Russian-speaking people in the eastern part of the country. And Western nations will behave like the Nazis during the appeasement policy. Attacking Ukraine, he claimed, Defensive It works.

Putin’s story was never unreliable and inconsistent, with or without explicit acceptance of this week’s regime change. Expert When Official With Washington Elsewhere I’ve been aware of it for a long time.British government Accused Planning Russia will change long before January.Moscow is unlikely to accept anything less than that, Alexandra Vacquel of the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies Said Harvard Gazette Shortly after the war began, “their purpose is to rule Ukraine. They tried to do it indirectly through pro-Russian politicians, but it didn’t work. Now they run Ukraine. Those who are doing it will be friendly. “

Since then, the behavior has proven to be far less direct than many would have expected. Within a few weeks, it became clear that Putin “has the potential to become many other regime changers in history … underestimating the cost of his regime change program.” [would] I need,” Insisted Benjamin Denison, a security scholar at the Institute for the Study of War and my colleague on defense priorities.And even if Russia could take Kyiv and overthrow the Ukrainian government, “it’s just the beginning,” said Alexander B. Downs of George Washington University. Said Washington post..

“This is something that regime changers don’t see,” Downs said. “They are focusing on the short term.”

The short-term over-focus, the shock of dealing with Moskva’s fierce attempt to expel Zelensky, is also a risk to Washington.American official continue Be enthusiastic about providing Wide and stable flow Including support for U.S. military support to Ukraine Kill a Russian general When Sink a Russian ship.. “I think we should do more,” said Congressman Michael Waltz, Florida. suggestion In this week’s Fox News, we have enabled Ukraine to “win” and “return to the 2014 line,” including the US “Ukrainian adviser supporting the army with plans and logistics.” This probably means regaining Russia’s Crimean Peninsula. 2014 annexation.. Rep. Mikey Cheryl (DN.J.) also called for the dispatch of US “logistics officers” to coordinate the movement of weapons.

Lavrov’s remarks will undoubtedly fuel a more escalating debate, but they do not represent a real change in Russian policy. Nor does it deny the serious danger that the United States will face a public war with Russia. Nuclear power Those whose troops are already operating in dangerously close proximity In syria..President Joe Biden was right To Pledge,Explicitly Missing too often In his policy towards Ukraine, the United States “will not be directly involved in the conflict by sending US troops to fight in Ukraine or by attacking Russian troops.” The Kremlin’s decision to confess the purpose of the regime change does not make that promise so wise. If anything, it’s more important than ever.