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Restaurants in Tiverton, Rhode Island share an anti-Semitic meme and are calling back

A person named Nicole Beth knew the owner on Atlantic’s Facebook page before it was removed and said the “joke” was “definitely bad taste”, but “this feature [of them] Prejudice and anti-Semitism are incredibly unfair. “

However, hundreds of people from all over the country have already begun to leave negative comments on Facebook and the restaurant review platform Yelp, and restaurant star ratings quickly plummeted.

This page previously contained acclaimed reviews of Mozambique French fries, but as of Tuesday morning, there were more than 20 new pages of angry 1-star reviews. These reviews, as well as over 100 other reviews labeled “Recommended Reviews,” will continue to appear on the site.

“They spit directly on the faces of all Jewish patrons who gave them time and money … never come back from Anne Frank’s” jokes “… certain things are always at the table Will be out of. I wrote “Igor P”. From Dallas. (Yelp does not show the user’s full name in reviews.)

“If you have a piece of human dignity, you won’t give these people your money,” writes David C. of Brooklyn, NY.

Annie B. of Los Angeles wrote: Please keep away. Their food stinks like their ideology. “

On Tuesday, a pop-up notification on Atlantic’s Yelp page said the business “recently attracted attention and brought in an influx of people posting views on this page,” so the platform temporarily disabled the ability to post reviews. I made it.

“Racism does not exist in Yelp and explicitly rejects racism or discrimination in any way, but all Yelp reviews must reflect the actual direct consumer experience. Yes (you may agree, even if it means disabling the ability for users to express their opinions) with) “, read the alert from Yelp.

A screenshot of a pop-up notification from Yelp that notifies users that reviews for The AtlanticBarandRestaurant in Tiverton, Rhode Island have been temporarily disabled.screenshot

The restaurant announced the apology on its Facebook page after calling for a public apology.

“We recognize that this post is not well thought out, very inappropriate and does not reflect our values ​​as a member of the community,” the post read.

“There is no excuse to share this post and there is nothing we can do to fix it. What we can do now is to provide a heartfelt apology to those who have been legitimately hurt by our actions. That’s it. ” “Atlantic Restaurant is proud to be a tolerant, inclusive and safe space for all.”

“We love and respect all our great customers and members of the larger community, regardless of religion, race, beliefs, sexuality or gender identity,” he continued. “From now on, we’ll scrutinize all social media posts and be careful that things like last week’s events never happen again.”

Jessica Machado, the host of the WBSM talk show in New Bedford, first broke the story and called the restaurant for an explanation. Machado, who has Jewish descendants, explained Saturday’s call.

“I picked up the phone, called and said I wanted to talk to someone about the Facebook post,” Machado said. “The girl who replied said,’I don’t know what you’re talking about, what post?’ I explained it, and she said she didn’t receive it, and I said,” OK, did you post it? ” She said no. So I asked if I could talk to someone who did, and she hung me up. “

Makado called again and said he had spoken to the owner.

“He was just as frustrated as I was,” Machado said at a show on Saturday. “He doubled it and said he had just googled it. I found it interesting. They were very busy and very hot and I didn’t have time to address my concerns and questions. Told me not to call them back, and then clicked on them and they hung up. “

The Atlantic Sports Bar and Restaurant did not respond to Globe’s request for comment on Tuesday. Chef and owner Messias Diaz also did not respond to messages sent to his personal social media.

ABC-6 spoke to an unnamed employee who claimed that an employee posted a meme, and that he “did not know” that the person in the photo was Anne Frank. rice field. It was unclear whether the employee was disciplined or fired on Tuesday.

Frank and her family were captured by the Nazis after hiding for more than 760 days. They were put in concentration camps and among the millions of people killed by the Nazis. However, teenagers’ diaries have been recovered and published and are now being used to teach the Holocaust in schools around the world.

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