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Religious Education Needs a Clear Line Between Scripture and Conservatism

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My father lived only a few hundred miles from the ocean, but he never saw it until he was growing up. Maybe that’s why he sat down with a map of the United States and outlined his four summer trips that would allow for brief forays into every state in the mainland United States, plus Canada and Mexico. He believed that travel is the best education.

For four summers, our family left in a Ford station wagon and stayed at a different motel most nights. We covered the ground. It was on one of these summer excursions that we went to Salt Lake City. I learned a little about

I went home to my Presbyterian church and asked the person in charge of Christian education. “Because we are Presbyterians,” she replied. I still liked the woman, but I thought she was a good, kind person, but I must admit that she lost respect for her intelligence. did not understand I was asking how you would rate the claims of those who claim to have received their information directly from God.