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Realtor Fragrance | JPAR Realty Hosts "DRAW THIS HOUSE" Contest - Open House Sat 8.6.22 (12-3pm) Luxury Mesquite, TX

luxury front home picture

Inviting huge open concept entrance

Huge kitchen looks like an acre backyard

Realtor Aroma will be handing out raffle forms this Saturday, August 6/22 – 12:00-3:00pm at the luxurious OPEN HOUSE 6628 Theale Court, Mesquite, TX 75126.

Mesquite, Texas, Aug. 5, 2022 / — The “DRAW THIS HOUSE” drawing contest was held at the Open House in Luxury Mesquite, Texas. Watch kids imagine future home designs and expand their artistic drawing talents while you join the family in a brand new luxury mesquite tour of an open house and find creative ways to stay busy. I will help.

Families are constantly busy finding ways to keep their children happy, safe and entertained. Especially while going to home shows to find the best ones to buy. The Texas summer heat and soaring interest rates are what families deal with in this “nice” market. Families want to have plenty of time for their kids, especially while running from one house to another.

Aroma, Listing JPAR Realty came up with a clever idea for kids by creating a “Home Draw & Color Contest” to imagine their future home. She gives children forms to paint the front of this gorgeous home (5bd, 3.5 bth, 3,459s/ft) – 6628 Theale Court, Mesquite, TX This Saturday 8/6/22 to 12 During the tour during the Open House: 00-3:00pm.

“Color your heart!” says Aroma. She asks participants to be as creative as possible. Because it’s not just for coloring books, Aroma and Sellers award prizes for the best contest submissions. How it works: * Attend an open house. * Get a drawing sheet during the open house tour. *Create and write a fun tagline “TITLE” will include your home address *Once participants draw, color and decorate *On a window for neighbors to see *Take a picture of their masterpiece in their window and *post the image on the REALTOR Aroma Facebook page.

Pick a Winner… Winners will be judged on a combination of creativity and whoever gets the most likes for their work, and will be awarded a prize.
1st Place – $25
2nd Place – $20
3rd Place – $15

Winners will be announced on the closing day (House SOLD) on Aroma’s Facebook page and will receive their prizes via direct message. Participants are encouraged to bring a friend to the Open House to obtain an entry form and enter the drawing. Kids ask friends and family to like your drawing on her FB page on Aroma. Take a picture and post it on the Aroma page! Children whose birthday is (8/6/22) will receive her HAPPY BIRTHDAY balloon at the open house.

Realtor Aroma is dedicated to supporting our community. She always provides innovative ways to help, support, come up with creative ideas and keep our community engaged and proud to keep moving forward! Residential or Commercial Property Sales Or contact Aroma to purchase. Follow Aroma Zidan on Facebook.

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For questions or more information, please call or text Realtor Aroma at 424-230-4207.

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