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Rant & Rave: Driftwood thief rages on Seattle beach

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RANT To an adult couple carrying large driftwood from Roman Beach Park in West Seattle on Sunday. There are many benefits to leaving logs on the beach, including providing marine habitat. As you may not be aware, this activity runs out of public resources and violates the law. However, there are legal ways to harvest driftwood on the beaches of Washington. It is advisable to investigate this before the next salvage operation.

Rave To a log truck driver who stopped by Highway 101 north of Aberdeen to save a frightened bunny swaying in the middle of the road. Thank you for showing compassion for the animals that need a little help, his wife and I were very impressed with your kindness.

RANT Become a biker riding the lively Burke Gilman Trail “without using your hands”. If you need both hands to open the energy bar, check the cell or simply stretch and pull. I think it’s just showing off.Most of us can We ride that way, but we don’t because we know it’s unsafe.

Rave For kind ferry passengers. This week our adult son was on the Bremerton ferry and had a problem with his ORCA card. This situation panicked him because he has autism. A very generous and kind woman noticed and she bought him a ticket. Like us, his parents, he was very relieved and grateful!

RANT For all drivers who drive slowly in the lane just to speed up to 10 mph, 15 mph, and even 20 mph when they reach a freeway with an overtaking lane. At the end of the overtaking lane, they slow down again after too many frustrated drivers get stuck behind for the next highway. This is a very common and almost universal behavior. Is it maliciously and intentionally? Or is it more likely just a lack of self-awareness and etiquette?

Rave To the kind person who received my bill at a large store in West Seattle. I was so embarrassed that I forgot my wallet, so I couldn’t make a mobile payment. He said, “I’ve read about what’s happening to others and always wanted to do it for someone. This is my turn.” I look at mine I am!

RANT What I feel is a seemingly exaggerated story of the news media about the impact of inflation on food prices. I’m an 80-year-old retiree living on bonds, and I’ve found that groceries on my regular shopping list are basically at the same price as before this current inflation period. I’m still getting a good sale price, and my grocery budget hasn’t changed at all during this period. For example, in my store milk and eggs remain exactly the same. I have never bought a lot of junk food. Maybe I’m just a shopper!

Rave To a King County Metro employee who helped me get to the right bus stop so I could use Trailhead Direct on Sunday morning. I met my friends and enjoyed a hike to Mt. Si!

RANT Bothell’s large renovation store advertises veterans at discounted prices and excludes those who are registered as veterinarians but do not have a smartphone. It is discriminatory to demand the purchase of a smartphone that is “thankful”. Not everyone wants or needs a smartphone. The “old” system was fairer and worked well for veteran customers. Shame on you!

Rave For hard-working volunteers and everyone involved in planning a Macartio Garden & Quilt Tour after a pandemic break. The creativity and labor achievements of the quilters and gardeners were fully exhibited, truly breathtaking and brought joy to all those lucky enough to attend.

Abuse and rave reviews Yell at dog owners who defecated animals through the newly restored pastures and rain gardens of Maple Leaf Reservoir Park. Hundreds of hours of volunteer time and thousands of dollars of hard-earned money have been spent strengthening this wonderful community space. Acclaim the responsible dog owners who follow the Leash Act and understand the meaning of the community!

RANT For people who have a sign promoting a garage sale but don’t include the date. I’ve been chasing many wild geese and noticed that the sign remained on the previous sale. And a second rant to those people who don’t remove those signs after their sale.