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PURE FLIX ENTERTAINMENT Appoints SONY'S ENTERTAINMENT Streamer Lauren Schwartz as Chief Marketing Officer

culver city, california, August 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pure Flix Entertainment, the Faith Streaming division of Sony AFFIRM Films, today announced Lauren Schwartz Rejoined the Sony family with the appointment of Chief Marketing Officer. Schwartz will oversee the day-to-day management of Pure Flix’s worldwide marketing efforts for Sony-owned streamers.he reports directly to the CEO Michael Scott COO Debbie Stakis.

Lauren Schwartz, CMO of Pure Flix

Comment from Pure Flix CEO on this announcement Michael Scott “We seized the opportunity to hire someone as talented as Lauren to lead our marketing team, execute on our overall vision for Pure Flix, grow our audience and take it to the next level. rice field.”

Schwartz is no stranger HollywoodThroughout his career, he has led marketing teams for Fox, Sony and Warner Bros. He joined his Fox Searchlight, where he developed an important understanding of the indie and festival circuit. After that, he spent 19 years at Sony Pictures, working with many respected filmmakers such as: Adam Sandler, Seth Logan, Kevin Hart, Devon FranklinJudd Apatow, Phil Lord When Chris Miller, to name a few. At Sony, the indie Screen Gems Theater, where he also headed the label’s marketing department, helped grow the department into Sony’s most profitable label. He has developed a unique strategic grassroots approach to marketing successful films such as: heaven is real (still the second faith movie ever), Oath (Screen Gems No. 1 Film of All Time), and Festival Favorites Easy AMost recently Schwartz worked on Devon Franklin’s faith movies, breakthroughfor Fox.

“I am excited to join the Pure Flix team and have access to the tools and resources we have developed over the years,” comments Schwartz. “We look forward to strategically growing this space.”

Debbie StakisPure Flix COO commented:

David AR Whitea founding partner of Pure Flix, added:

Since joining Pure Flix, the streamer has had the most successful months of April, May, June and July so far.their new series going home It remained the No. 1 show on the platform for several weeks.he also succeeded in shepherding case for heaven Be the No. 1 movie on the platform. live + localanother new series on the platform starring Dave Courierran a massive advertising campaign that generated over 2 billion media impressions. strong father, strong daughter, new movie starring Bert Johnson and real life wife Robin Livelyhas just completed a newly strategic word-of-mouth screening campaign in 10 markets exclusively for Pure Flix members. Aug. 1 on sale.

About Pureflix

Pure Flix is the home of faith and family movies and shows that the whole family can stream with confidence. Strengthen your faith and family with Pure Flix, offering new premium and exclusive original entertainment choices every week. This streaming service inspires, uplifts and entertains. Kids content for one low price. Experience the difference positive and encouraging entertainment can make in your home. Pure Flix is ​​a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

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