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Purdue Summer Session Sets Records, Demonstrates Strong Demand for Purdue Education

WEST LAFAYETTE, IN — More students than ever before are graduating early, attending study abroad and enrolling in Purdue Summer Session classes to earn additional qualifications.

Purdue’s combined enrollment of graduate, professional and undergraduate students across all summer session programs this year exceeded 22,000, an increase of almost 15% from the 2021 summer session. Currently over 40%.

The effort to increase summer enrollment is a component of Purdue University’s Transformative Education Initiative. It’s a set of priorities devised by President Mitch Daniels in 2013 and one of his most successful Purdue initiatives. Transformative Education’s ‘University of the Year’ initiative not only moves overall competencies and students toward graduation faster, making higher education more affordable, but also enables faster completion rates and increased employment. Allow the Lord to accommodate the staffing needs of college graduates.

Thanks in part to the summer session program, Purdue’s four-year graduation rate increased from 55.9% of students enrolled in 2012 to 65% of students enrolled in 2017 (latest data available), with a Mean time to acquisition decreased from 4.26. Reduced the number of years for the 2012-13 academic year to his 3.95 for the 2020-21 academic year.

At this year’s summer session, 13,515 of the 22,000 students were undergraduates, representing a 100% increase from the 2012 summer session. Most undergraduates take online courses, participate in internships, do research, work, or even live at home. Purdue officials expect him to award more than 100,000 credit hours, up 10% from last summer. This is another of his Purdue records.

Additionally, over 700 students are participating in one of the university’s most important experiential learning programs, Purdue Study Abroad, this summer. Although not in record numbers, the program is back strong at about 70% of its pre-COVID-19 peak, with travel restrictions resulting in a large number of cancellations and postponements.

hunt allison
Purdue freshman Maurice Hunt works on a project in a recent class during Purdue’s summer session with early start coordinator and success coach Morgan Allison. (Purdue University Photo/John Underwood) Download Image

“We are thrilled that students are enrolling in summer classes and activities at this record level,” said Jay Ackridge, Dean and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs and Diversity. “Summer sessions are a fundamental part of Purdue’s commitment to accessibility and affordability. Many faculty have resumed some of our summer programs that have been put on hold due to the pandemic, and have worked hard to increase enrollment and access to many of our popular programs.”

Purdue’s Summer College for High School Students has grown dramatically in popularity, with over 1,900 applications for 800 spots. This is a 50% increase from summer 2021. High school students earning college credit are enrolled in 1-week and 4-week courses. From now until Friday (August 5th).

Other well-attended summer programs include Summer Start and Early Start. SummerStart is a direct admissions program that Daniels created in his 2015 to specifically target low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented minority students who fall short in the admissions process but otherwise Expand access to a Purdue education deemed qualified for success. Purdue. More than 90% of his 2022 cohort students are from Indiana, and her two in five are underrepresented minority students. Early Start is a program designed for students entering the fall semester who want to start their studies at Purdue immediately, now through August 12th. An all new undergraduate black boilermaker. Currently, her 32 members of her class of 2022 at Purdue Polytechnic High School are enrolled in the summer program.

“Summer sessions are important for students,” said Jon Gipson, Executive Director of Summer Sessions. “We offer many people the opportunity to succeed in classes and full internships or other study programs that are more readily available over the summer. This is a great opportunity to acquire

“We are also excited that many of our students are taking online classes over the summer. The expansion of online coursework will allow students to complete hands-on educational activities, work and more as they approach graduation. Online courses are available for students from all over the world.”

Purdue University’s Virtual Student Transfer, Advisory and Enrollment Program is now underway, preparing more than 9,000 freshmen for the Boiler Gold Rush starting August 16th. Fall 2022 classes are scheduled to begin on August 22nd.

As Indiana’s land grant agency, Purdue University is frequently praised for its dedication to providing higher education at the highest value, including an 11-year tuition freeze. The tuition freeze has saved students and their families more than $1 billion in tuition fees. Purdue is consistently ranked as one of the US News & World Report’s most innovative schools, ranking highly in engineering, science, and many other areas. In 2021, Purdue University was the only university named on Fast Company’s “Brands That Matter” list.