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Private version of the latest powerful US Army rifle on sale: Report

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  • Firearm companies are selling a civilian version of a powerful new US military rifle.
  • Analysts said guns could help mass-shooters become “long-range snipers with AR-15-style guns,” the Daily Beast reported.
  • Guns were put on the market when gun control demands increased following a series of mass shootings.

The report states that gun companies are selling powerful new rifles to civilians in ongoing debate about gun control following a series of deadly mass shootings.

The Daily Beast reported that the SIG Sauer’s MCX-Spear is a civilian version of the US Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapon-Rifle (NGSW-R).

According to the company, the gun is “the world’s most innovative and advanced AR platform,” and “almost matches” the submission of the NGSW-R, which won a contract for this year’s US Army program.

“The MCX-Spear was developed with direct input from US fighters to provide more power, distance and accuracy to replace the current M4 rifle platform,” the company’s website said. ..

In a press release, Ron Cohen, president and CEO of SIG Sauer, Inc., said the launch of the MCX-Spear was “a valuable opportunity for passionate consumers to own part of history.”

He added that the gun is housed in the 277SIG Fury, a commercial variant of the 6.8×51 hybrid military round available in the company’s hybrid case technology submitted to the US Army NGSW program, according to the company’s website. rice field.

“Innovative SIGFURY ammunition is the most technologically advanced leap of rifle ammunition for over 150 years, which allows us to use a 20-round magazine without adding weight or length. You can turn your rifle platform into a Magnum performance, “says Cohen.

According to The Daily Beast, guns can break bulletproof vests in a wide range.

“Shoot almost all of the bulletproof vests currently worn by law enforcement agencies in the county,” said Ryan Bassie, a former firearms company executive and senior policy analyst at the Gifford Law Center.

“This is a weapon that can defeat any body armor, the planned body armor we know in the future,” said then Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley in 2019, according to The Daily Beast. I told the Army Times. “This is a weapon that can go out in the unknown today.”

Guns became commercially available the year they saw a series of mass shootings nationwide.

Busse told The Daily Beast that the AR-15 is lighter and more manoeuvrable than the MCX-Spears, which could be beneficial for shootings in closed areas such as classrooms.

According to Busse, the gun could help mass shoots become “long-range snipers with AR-15-style guns.”

One of the dealers, the Daily Beast, reported that the weapons makers shipped 2,500 and 5,000 weapons and sold out quickly, despite the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $ 7,999.

A customer service representative at SIG Sauer told outlets that more weapons than the “first edition” model will soon be shipped to gun stores at lower prices.

“I know it’s coming,” the representative told the outlet. “We are trying to get these things out as soon as possible. Get as many guns as possible through the door.”

Sig Sauer representatives did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

SIG Sauer also manufactured a semi-automatic AR-15-style rifle used in shooting at the 2016 Orlando Nightclub, killing 49 people.

Busse told The Daily Beast that it was natural to see firearm makers selling civilian versions of their weapons. This is because it increases the rate of return significantly with much less effort.

He said it was often “painful” for gun manufacturers to meet military requirements.

“It’s very beneficial to them to sell the gun to US consumers,” Busse said. “Consumers do not demand on-time delivery or all other expensive stuff like the military does.”

He said linking firearms to the army was the bulk of the ad.

“It’s like’buying a gun for all military special operators … forgetting basic training and just becoming a military villain,'” he said.

All powerful AR-15-style weapons that have been used in several recent gunfire incidents, including Buffalo, NY, Uvalde, Texas, and Highland Park, Illinois, have killed 38 people and have been legally purchased in the United States. rice field.

Gunmen at Highland Park fired more than 70 times from the rooftop to parade participants on July 4 during a rampage on the outskirts of Chicago.

President Joe Biden recently called for a ban on “attack weapons,” and said the country was “full of war weapons,” according to Reuters.

“Assault weapons need to be banned. I am determined to ban these weapons again,” he said.

House Democrats have been working to advance a bill banning certain semi-automatic firearms in response to recent mass shootings using certain semi-automatic firearms.

Editor’s correction: This article has been modified to reflect the insider’s editing style of not calling semi-automatic rifles “assault rifles” and to clarify the functionality of the firearms. Added President Joe Biden’s comment on the need for gun control.