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Primer: Expanding Educational Opportunities | Arizona Governor's Office

As Arizona students return to school, classrooms and educators will be better equipped than ever before. Spending per student is higher than ever, school safety remains a top priority, and the state is embarking on a whole new era of school choice.

Under the leadership of Governor Doug Ducey, Arizona has demonstrated its commitment to provide the resources needed to help children succeed. This year’s budget includes $ 1.3 billion, the most important annual increase in K-12 education funding in the last eight years. Since January 2015, the state has invested a cumulative $ 11.8 billion in education from kindergarten to high school.

It may not be a headline, but Arizona’s per-student funding has increased each year for the past eight years.

But funding is only part of the story. Governor Ducey has adopted a new approach to education from kindergarten to high school, transforming our state into a laboratory for educational innovation. Exciting things that don’t happen anywhere else are happening in Arizona, and the rest of the country is in the spotlight.

Expanding historic school choices

Governor Ducey launched this year’s legislative assembly by calling for “expanding school choices in every way we can.” hopeful If the legislature sent him bills, he would sign them.Arizona went Above and Beyond That goal. Governor Ducey has signed the country’s largest school selection law. Over one million kindergarten to high school students are also given the opportunity to participate in an educational environment that best suits their individual needs.this Historical expansion The of Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESA), which goes into effect in September, will transform the education system from kindergarten to high school in Arizona.

Universal ESA will be added to Arizona A long list of educational options Strengthened under the leadership of Governor Ducey.In Arizona Cemented That place as Top states of school selectionwas LabeledGold standard for educational choiceIt was ranked by the Education Reform Center as the best state for parents to choose.

In Arizona, families can choose from traditional public schools, public charter schools, public district schools, private schools, online academies, home schooling, microschools and public admissions within the school district. The state has more than 550 public charter schools that teach 230,000 Arizona students.

Civic education

The first bill ever signed by Governor Ducey was Make sure all Arizona students understand American citizens By graduation. Since signing the bill in 2015, the governor has advocated teaching important historical fragments in Arizona classrooms.

Based on that leadership, this year the governor will work with legislative partners Strengthen Arizona Citizenship Test, Increase the pass rate and enable students to get a pass rate early in education.He also signed a law to allow Arizona children time to observe at the beginning of each school day. Moment of silence..Arizona children now Learn about the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, promise The governor has begun to work with educators and lawmakers to make it mandatory in Arizona schools.

Renewal of school facilities

Governor Ducey and the Legislature know that student success is rooted in an environment where children can learn and thrive. This year’s budget includes $ 183.3 million to maintain school facilities through a building renewal grant. This is the largest investment in building renewal in the history of the program. The budget is also funding the construction of new schools to accommodate the growing Arizona. These school facilities will be added to 34 new schools built after 2015.

School safety

Feeling safe at school is paramount to the success of our children. Arizona has invested $ 50 million in ongoing funding to provide schools in Arizona that require school resource personnel to have the ability to fund their positions.

The budget will also strengthen the school’s safety interoperability program with an investment of $ 20 million. The program will fund county security officers to deploy secure multimedia data communications systems to ensure effective real-time communication solutions between schools and public security agencies in an emergency.

Ultimately, this funding will help create a safer environment for Arizona students.This is Governor Ducey School safety subsidy program In the final grant cycle, the Arizona Ministry of Education approved 116 school resource officers, 148 counselors, and 118 social workers.

Student-centric funding

Arizona is committed to paving the way for student success. Part of its mission is to be deliberate and inclusive to meet the unique needs of special education students. The 2023 budget includes $ 100 million in special education funding for public schools in Arizona. This money will be used for teachers, support staff, and other resource costs to better serve special education students. To further close the achievement gap, this year’s budget includes funding to create new opportunity weights for low-income households. These additional resources equip the school to ensure that all students are on the path to success.