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Pricefx benefits a thriving corporate culture

In the modern market, prices influence all of our behavior.

The cost of a new car can determine whether consumers will jump to the latest features or look at older models. Supply chain issues and labor shortages can affect restaurant menu prices and persuade us to stay or eat out during the week. Even choosing chicken in the supermarket is price affected. By reverting the $ 8.90 package and buying another brand for $ 8.06, you can be confident that the deal is closed.

But how are those prices accurately determined? And how can companies working in complex and volatile markets respond to changing consumer costs while making a profit?

Enter Pricefx.

As a global cloud-based price management platform, Pricefx is on a mission to innovate configure-price-quote (CPQ) software to help B2B and B2C companies maximize their margins. By combining a remote-first recruitment approach with a data-driven internal culture and leveraging a unique perspective, teams like the Customer Solutions branch are restructuring what is possible for both clients and organizations.

“We received some invaluable information at our recent full-time meeting to think about the different ways we can impact our customers,” said Senior Project Manager Rhonda Humes. “There was a presentation explaining how to implement user data preparation and how pricing scientists can simplify complex analytical processes. It makes a difference because we are always thinking about how to improve the customer experience as well as improve the functionality of our products. “

This impetus for continuous innovation is the result of Pricefx’s dedication to frequent retrospectives by addressing challenges and solutions head-on, but for the power of transparent communication to build true trust and friendship. It also stems from the belief in leadership. These values ​​have allowed our in-house teams to not only work remotely and depend on each other around the world, but also to build an autonomous culture in which individuals can grow proud of every project they work on.

Establish a culture of giving back

With the exception of generous PTO benefits and 14 paid holidays, Pricefx also held Volunteer Day to allow employees to return as a team. “We attended the Montessori School on the south side of Chicago and helped them a lot,” said Lorna Humes. “What impressed me most was that I was taught how much influence our actions had on leadership. What we achieved in a day was one to accomplish everything? It would have taken a month and a half. Some of us painted the room and some helped the garden, but all the actions were incredibly rewarding. “

“Pricefx is very compassionate and comes all the way from the top,” said Solutions Architect Cory Clark. “It’s clear that the company was founded with employees in mind. There is a culture of“ everyone listening ”and there is always room for new ideas. When you talk about trying something new and leadership actually takes action, you definitely feel that you are listening.

To learn more about their operations, close team culture, and plans for future expansion, Built In spoke with Humes, Clark, and senior project manager Mahadev Hoolikeri.

Pricefx office with open desk seats, plant walls and plenty of natural light.

What is Pricefx’s corporate culture, especially for remote and hybrid employees? What opportunities do you have to shape that culture?

Hume: The first thing that jumped out to me at Pricefx was the feeling that everyone was a family. Some of the work is very enthusiastic and rewarding, but it’s a happy culture. If an escalation or problem arises, we will discuss it, strategize the solution, and be supported by management and leadership.

Houri Keri: When we are told that we are a family, we have a relationship of trust, even if we work far away from various places. There is trust among us when discussing deliverables to our customers. Create a story and assign it using a tool called Jira. The team delivers it from anywhere. We are united to reach our goals and that is the best part of it.

How does Pricefx bring together an internal team, regardless of location?

Houri Keri: Last week we met in Chicago for a Solution Team All Hands Meeting. People came from South America, Europe, and vast parts of the United States. We spent three days discussing many topics together, team building, and working together to build that connectivity.

They are really focused on employees — not all about the lowest dollars.

Hume: Having seen the pivot from pre-pandemic to post-pandemic, I think the People’s Team did a great job of pivoting from face-to-face team outings and Christmas parties to virtual events. There is now a Strava Challenge where you can record your cycling and walking times. We also donate money to various initiatives. There are online Zoom Happy Hour and personal celebrations. Therefore, even if she evacuated, she tried to maintain the spirit of her family. We also hold biweekly US team meetings where everyone gathers to welcome new people, celebrate milestones, and discuss issues with potential solutions.

How do you foster a work-life balanced environment for your employees?

Hume: I am a transplant to the Chicago area and my family are all in Louisiana. During the pandemic shutdown, I was able to drive to Louisiana several times and work from home. It made a lot of sense to be able to spend time with my family and not be able to go for a couple of years without them. Throughout all that, I can still keep in touch with my teammates, and small check-ins with people like the project manager’s team go a long way.

Clerk: We benefit from the fact that when Pricefx hires new people, it can attract people from all over the world, regardless of where the office is. I think it will allow us not only to get better, but also to get a wider variety of qualities.

Solutions Architect Cory Clark leads a team meeting while discussing ideas with two other teammates.

What initiatives have leadership introduced to support and encourage professional career growth?

Houri Keri: I came from a company where someone had set goals for me that I had to achieve within the next 6 months, but that wasn’t part of my own choice. However, Pricefx allows you to set your own goals to grow your career. For example, if you need to accelerate in some pricing domains, there are many learning forums that you can access and study to get certified. So if you want to become a pricing expert within the next 6 months, you have the tools to accomplish what matters most to you.

Hume: It has very detailed goals and objectives documentation, and you can update each year with a 5-10 year plan, what you want to achieve each year, and what helps you reach it. There are some cases where people want to move to another area of ​​the company to learn new skills. The leadership team will help you overcome those hurdles when you put them in your goal plan.

Draw details of your daily experience with the customer solutions team.

Hume: Both Mahadev and I are in the same location as the project manager. The first thing to look for in the morning is the Jira board to see if there are any significant issues or block items needed to assist the team. As we are basically project employee leaders, we help the team clear obstacles, but stay focused on helping the team reach their goals. If there is extra noise coming from different places and delays, we try to make sure we get rid of them. If you have a technology you don’t understand and need help, bring together other experts to help you keep moving forward while implementing your user story.

I like to joking that well-placed memes will be amazed at how different people can feel better. “

Houri Keri: Working in a hybrid agile environment, I am preparing for a daily stand-up call. Check with your team to see if you’re sticking to any of the stories and try to resolve those obstacles. It’s not just about managing a single project. Support multiple customers during the day, including two or three stand-ups, two or three team meetings, and two or three technical setups. We are senior project managers, but we also play the role of scrummaster.

Clerk: As a Solutions Architect, I manage solution teams and configuration engineers, and work on projects, design, and architecture. You need to prioritize failures, check in to all configuration engineers working on the story, and make sure you can do it at the expected time.

Make a difference to our customers every day

Rhonda Humes is not afraid to dive into the complex details of the project. “Our clients were migrating from a model that puts all the prices together,” she said. “We had to manually analyze in a spreadsheet how changing labor costs by someone would affect the final price. We decomposed all the various pricing components into margins. We helped create a waterfall that could help you understand how it affects you. I think the average waterfall so far was around 35, but since this project contained at least 60 objects, we broke the curve. Now, thanks to this individual pricing breakdown, we can understand how even the slightest change will affect the final cost. “

Why are you attracted to Pricefx and why other job seekers need to pay attention?

Houri Keri: I’m not tied to one domain. For example, we are currently working with three customers from different domains, including the aftermarket in the supply chain and the high-tech industry. The amount and exposure of experience gained by working with other customers and helping them benefit from Pricefx is amazing.

Clerk: I think Pricefx is growing fast, so there are opportunities to expand your skills everywhere. It’s incredible to see how they’ve been here for a long time and promoted many of the people who are currently leading the project from the inside out. They have that experience here, so you can rely on them for things. When large companies hire from outside, they often pull strangers into higher-level roles, who know nothing about the company or how things are done. Here it is not. You don’t feel like just a number in Pricefx — virtually everyone knows your name.