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First Edition: July 25, 2022

Dance on the lawn set on September 10th

(Montclair, NJ)- Dancing on the lawn, Montclair, an outdoor dance festival in New Jersey, will return to the front yard of the Montclair Public Library at 50 South Fullerton Avenue from 3 pm to 5 pm on Saturday, September 10th this year. Live performances include Nai-Ni Chen and Company, Maxine Steinman & Dancers, and Sharron Miller’s Academy for the Performing Arts. This year’s program will also include the original work of winner William Irvine. Dancing on the lawn “■ 2022 “Emerging Commissioned NJ Choreographer” Award. The event is free.

In addition, Dancing on the lawn Welcome the warmth of summer at the informal outdoor rally “Garden Dances” hosted by friends in the DOTL community at home. Garden dance DOTL (2018) will be held on August 18th featuring performer Sameena Mitta /Meen Moves.. The organizers of this special fundraising event are Nina Cook John and Andre John.Attendance confirmation to participate Location information for this special event will be provided with your booking confirmation.

Dancing on the lawnEnters its ninth year and serves as a showcase and starting point for the best choreographing talents in New Jersey and New York. The annual DOTL Festival introduces emerging and renowned artists from the New Jersey and New York regions to Montclair residents and nearby communities.

Dance on the lawn set on September 10th

Founded in 2014 by Charmaine Warren, who lives in Montclair. Dancing on the lawn In order to increase New Jersey’s exposure to dance, we want to bring together dance students from all over the state to perform in a community environment, in addition to professional and start-up companies. In addition to providing presentation opportunities, Dance on the Lawn has created an “emerging consignment New Jersey choreographer” and mentor program to assist young and emerging artists.

“I’m very lucky to be able to re-feature Naini Chen and the company in Dance on the Lawn. I’ve always been lucky to be a colleague with Naini, who died tragically in Hawaii this December. He said to us, “I will be happy to help you.” She is very honored to share many precious moments. “ Founder / Artistic Director Charmaine Warren and Managing Director Laura Marchese said: Dancing on the lawn..

Dance on the lawn set on September 10th

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* Full lineup for 2022 (Scheduled to change):

New jersey school

Bhaarat Nritya Academy

Sharon Miller Performing Arts Academy

Danceworks & Co

Maurice Chestnut Dance Therapy

New jersey company

Maxine Steinman & Dancer

Nai-Ni Chen and Company

DOTL’s newly commissioned New Jersey Choreographer

William Irvin and Mentor Dormesia

New York Professional:

Morisato / Mikaela Morisato

DOTL founder Charmaine Warren is also the founder / artistic director of Black Dance Stories. She was named “Bessie Angel” in 2021 and won the 2017 Bessie Award for “Outstanding Performance” as part of the Skeleton Architecture Collective. She is also the recipient of Dance NJ’s JETÉ AWARD to commemorate its founding. Dancing on the lawn Festival. Dance NJ is a service organization dedicated to advocating the excellence of dance and dance education in the state. Warren, along with DOTL’s Managing Director Laura Marquese, said,Dancing on the lawn: Montclair Dance Festival.Marquese has been awarded the Prestigious Educational Artist Award for Art in the Education of the Governor of New Jersey and the Artist of the Year Award. In 2018, Marquese was nationally recognized as a dance master teaching artist by Young Audience Arts For Learning.

New Jersey State Arts Council has awarded four awards to Dancing on the lawn Artists: Nancy Turano, Artistic Director, NJ Dance Theater Ensemble, DOTL Artist from 2014 to 2018. Kyle Marshall, recipient of DOTL 2016 “New Jersey Choreographer”. Lauren Connolly, winner of DOTL 2017 “Emerging Commissioned New Jersey Choreographer”. And Hillary-Marie, choreographer / director FutureSTEP Tap Company, DOTL2017 participating artist.

Dancing on the lawn We would also like to thank dance company 10 Hairy Legs for donating their net worth to DOTL after the company was dissolved. The 10HL funding specifically supports the annual DOTL NJ Emerging Commissioned Choreographer Awards.

Photo: (TOP) Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company, Photo Provider: Ethan Pose; (Middle) William A. Ervin Jr., DOTL2022 “Emerging Commissioned NJ Choreographer, photo credit: NhyiraK Photography; (Bottom) Maxine Steinman & Dancers, Photo Provider: Darial Sneed.