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First Edition: July 27, 2022

The Montclair State University Gallery introduces

(Montclair, NJ)- Montclair State University Gallery Hold an exhibition There is nothing under heaven From September 13th to December 9th, 2022 by Joseph Riatella. The exhibition will be exhibited at the George Segal Gallery, a newly reconstructed flagship exhibition space at the University Gallery.

The artist’s first solo exhibition brings together new committees and recent works exploring connections, joy, and the need for agencies within a repressive system. Exhibited with photographs by Andy Warhol (1928-1987) and religious art by Carlo Dolci (1616-1686) from the University Gallery collection, Riatella means to move together, remember together, and restore together. Inspire various stories to evaluate.

of There is nothing under heaven, Riatella correlates spaces for shared experiences such as churches, medical institutions and clubs. There, promises of salvation and healing are mixed near loss and sorrow. By integrating these different spaces through different media and interdisciplinary analysis, Riatella retains similar contradictions in which these seemingly different environments affect ourselves and the way we perceive each other. I will clarify if it is.

In the exhibition, the quest for forgiveness in the church, the possibility of medical recovery, and the club’s enthusiastic escapism are intertwined. Liatela also integrates the ideologies of the post-mortem world (the worship of patron saints, the possibility of dancing with the ghosts of lost loved ones, the ghosts of protracted death in hospitals), revealing similarities while revealing differences. I will emphasize it further.

This tension is investigated in relation to the complexity of the medical system, which is highly biased and inaccessible, even though it is positioned as a system of care. Liatela is also designed to put the body in a position of worship, drawing a correlation between dedication, salvation, punishment, and joy through sculptures that call the visual language of both nightclubs and Catholic objects. Similarly, Riatella, in response to alienation, assembles the club as a place of gathering and fellowship with strange ancestral pedigrees. In looking for more moments of rest and solidarity within these larger systems, Riatella was painted by his chosen ancestor Andy Warhol, Archangel Gabriel (painted by Carlo Dolci), who has been depicted without a historically fixed gender. The exhibition pays homage to finding a company with the title James Baldwin. By giving a visual form to the simultaneous and dichotomized conditions explored within the exhibition, Riatella distills a complex network of emotional, mental and physical experiences.

The exhibition is curated by Jesse Bandler Firestone, Curator and Exhibition Coordinator at the University Galleries.

“By combining aspects of religious beliefs, healthcare and underground space, Riatella offers the opportunity to reorient our understanding of how these areas are related,” Firestone said. Said. “The ecstatic joy shared on the dance floor, the longing for salvation in the church, the discomfort and alienation felt in the hospital waiting room are all blurred and reclassified. These emotional experiences are pondered. And is intended to pass. “

The highlights of the exhibition are:

* Remember to move, In 2022, we see the club as a place where absenteeism and collective movement are combined with joy and joy. Liatela states that through movements on the dance floor, sadness and celebration are simultaneously embodied, processed and expressed.

* Being an idea (right to live without permission)In 2019, there is a copy of the 4th Edition of the Manual of Diagnosis and Statistics of Mental Illness, where Gender Identity Disorder is still listed as an acceptable diagnosis. The book is tied with a rope and deals with how the diagnosis can affect the body and shape what is believed to be deviant.

Fully illustrated digital publications will be available.

Gallery Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm; Thursday, 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm. Open by appointment on certain Saturdays of the month.

Programs and events

Opening reception- Thursday, September 22nd, 4 pm-7pm.Celebrate the opening of There is nothing under heaven At a live performance Remember to move. Remarks by director Megan C. Austin, curator Jesse Bundler Firestone, and artist Joseph Riatella

Art Forum- Monday, February 26th, 5: 30: 00pm – 8: 00pm. Artist Joseph Riatella speaks with curator Jesse Bandler Firestone in collaboration with the Montclair State University Art and Design Program.

Curators Tour- Thursday, November 3rd, 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm. Join the gallery’s exhibition curator, Jesse Bundler Firestone, to learn about the theme and content of the exhibition.

Montclair State University Gallery Bring together ideas, perspectives and dialogues to promote the sharing of curiosity and understanding through art. The University Gallery presents a diverse and comprehensive range of exhibitions and programs that connect campus experiences with local and global communities. All exhibitions and programs are open to the public for free.

Photo: To move is to remember, 2022. Live performance. Dancers: Héctor Cerna and Chris Tabassi. Photo by Whitney Brown.

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