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First Edition: July 27, 2022

Vivid Stage Receives Summit Foundation Grant for Producing Plush Toys

(Summit, NJ)-Vivid Stage, located at the Oaks Center at 120 Morris Avenue at the Summit, received a $ 5,000 grant from the Summit Foundation at its autumn world premiere. Plush Doll By Erin Maron.

Plush Doll A hearty comedy that asks what would happen to your life if you didn’t feel any physical pain. What if your body had its own mind? What if I’ve never fallen asleep? What if you remember everything you felt, thought, and experienced so far? Four medical malfits sign up for a three-day workshop to tackle their problems. Can former male nurses and self-proclaimed “Woo Woo” lead them to healing? Or … probably they aren’t the ones who need the most treatment.

Plush Doll It was read in June as part of the NJ Theater Alliance Stage Exchange Program. This is a collaboration with NJPAC that encourages professional New Jersey playwrights to produce works by New Jersey playwrights.

Erin Maron is a playwright, writer and narrator of over 550 audiobooks with a special affinity for the genre of romance. She is a 6-time Earphone Award winner and a 5-time Audie Award candidate.Her audio play These walls can talk Winner of the 2021 Independent Audiobook Awards for Humor. The Natural History series is Erin’s debut trio of romantic comedy novels: Frilltasaurus(July 2020) Lovebug(February 2021) and Shark bait (Appeared in the fall of 2021). Erin’s plays will be performed at Urban Stage, New George, Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, Collective, Cherry Picking, Great Plains Theater Conference, Samuel French #OOB Short Play Festival, Project Y Theater, Dreamcatcher, Mile Square Theater and more. I am. Erin’s play Branched (dir. Robert Ross Parker) premiered at the InViolet Theater at the HERE Arts Center in New York and was printed at Original Works Publishing. Her play, The net is displayed The 59E59 Theater in New York had an Off-Broadway premiere starring the great Richard Masur and is now Matilda Roller (Disney Plus’ Flora & UlyssesBroadway Ferryman). Erin’s other feature films are: Good Riddance, plush toys, handing over, stunning displays of skill, hungry skin, other white meat, come find me When These walls can talk 2: Narwhal’s Counterattack!

The stated purpose of the Summit Foundation is “… to support, encourage and promote the well-being of humankind, and primarily the inhabitants of the city and its surroundings, regardless of race, color or belief.” is. Summit Foundation We remain true to our original mission and continue to adapt to the community as our needs evolve.

Plush Doll It will be performed at the Summit’s Oaks Center from September 29th to October 9th.Tickets Plush Doll Will be available soon

Vivid stage Founded in 1994 as Dreamcatcher Rep, it is a non-profit professional ensemble of actors who build a community with their audience by sharing contemporary, life-affirming stories that challenge, invigorate and entertain. Our work is based on the essential goodness of people and the power of live performances that connect people through our shared humanity. We expose our audience to ideas and lives that are similar to or different from ourselves, with the aim of awakening our imagination and creating empathy for others. We deepen the experience of all patrons through personal contact through receptions, talkbacks and interactive programs.

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The company’s activities include main stage production, improvised comedy and cabaret, new theatrical readings, various education and senior outreach programs.

The Vivid Stage program is funded by the New Jersey Department of Arts / State Council, the National Endowment for the Arts partner body, and many other companies, foundations, and individuals. Vivid Stage is an equity-produced member of the New Jersey Theater Alliance.

Vivid Stage, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) legal entity established under New Jersey law.

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