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Earlier this June, many were surprised when the Pune-based JW Marriott Hotel announced a pop-up partnership with the multi-award-winning Indian Accent. Born almost ten years ago, this Indian top he restaurant has become a destination. Chefs, food writers and diners traveled to Delhi to experience the brand that has changed the way Indian food is paired, presented and even perceived for its interesting take on popularity. A lesser known dish. It was unexpected for a space like this to do a pop-up as well as think about going to other cities.

What caused this shift? An invitation to the showcase from JW Marriott says Culinary Director Chef Manish Melotra, who recently opened the second location of his renowned restaurant in Mumbai. It set the bar for collaboration, and the expectations of collaboration were so high, not only for diners, but for the hotel itself. We reached out to Chef Mehrotra with an unconventional pop-up request.

Aside from the city’s diverse dining terrain ready for such a special showcase, it was also Chef Das Gupta’s own culinary repertoire that has created some incredible experiences that have sealed the deal. Of course, Chef Mehrotra’s connection to the city “was where I got married,” he confesses. Still, chef Dasgupta reveals about the association that quickly came to an agreement: Smooth transition. And the beauty of it all is not just the seamless flow of service for the 3 day pop-up, but specially by his Mehrotra and his team of chefs who incorporate local ingredients and signature this amazing weave and wave. There was even a designed menu itself. style. “But most importantly, chef Mehrotra said, ‘And it shows how his culture of dining is changing, even in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities.’ He gave me.”

It wasn’t the first time an exceptional food-oriented brand had a pop-up, but the trend was pioneered by ingredient-based restaurant Mask, which debuted at The Lodi in 2017 with a winter special. More fine dining brands are prioritizing going to different parts of the city. Chef Mehrotra said: ingredients and taste. “

That opportunity to learn and share is why Masque has started working with chefs as well as brands, says co-owner Aditi Dugar. These include Lab and Masque and Friends, where we’ve seen industry professionals, chefs and expats share kitchens. These pop-ups are, in fact, Aditi continues. This has allowed Masque to showcase its cuisine in a variety of venues, but each success has encouraged more brands to move beyond the traditional procedure of not just collaborating as a brand, but collaborating with other brands. I started stepping on it. Like JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar’s gourmet travelogue, from the standard procedure of one chef creating a menu in another chef’s kitchen, the two chefs bring their own style and philosophy to her one piece. deviated to be presented on a plate of Executive His Chef Dane Fernandez says, “Gourmet His Travelogue idea was to explore ultra-local regional cuisine.”

The idea for the two chefs to work together first came up with the Bombay Canteen, a concept devised by the late Floyd Cardos to promote regional cuisine and ingredients. The outpost was not only a playground for promoting India’s different food cultures, but also a playground for creating fusion without confusion. An inherent habit that offers one of the best repositories. But for Chef Fernández, following the teaming route is all about advocating for a sustainable path while offering interesting experiences to the patrons of the brand Impressario. It has proven to be a crash course for reviving many of the traditional techniques and practices of

The pop-up and chef collaboration is in line with Chef Gresham, Culinary Director of Impresario Restaurants. It has been the most decisive factor in our evolution even in the past. Kansamasu We regularly visited other kingdoms to share and learn new aspects of food and cuisine. Centuries later, the learning and sharing element is still the immutable element of popups. The last few years have not only popularized lesser-known dishes, but beyond that, the way these collaborations are taking place is new. ” said his Chef Vikas Seth, Culinary Director of Sanchez. The kitchen helps enhance the experience while proving to be beneficial to both. ’” adds Chef Fernandez. It was an occasion like this that inspired Chef Seth to bring Sanchez, one of India’s successful Mexican restaurants, to Delhi. Recently kicked off a new chapter in the special dining experience with her two-day pop-up at KakaPo.