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Pop culture's obsession with Marilyn Monroe

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Hollywood is full of famous blonde women, but none can match the cultural impact of Marilyn Monroe years after her untimely and mysterious death on August 4, 1962.

Pop culture’s fascination with the iconic blonde hasn’t wavered and seems to be making waves even decades after her tragic death. A biographical film titled ‘Blonde’ starring Almas will be released soon.

Few stars continue to dominate world headlines the way they did in their heyday, let alone stars who died decades ago. With the rise of Tiktok and social media platforms, “Blonde Bombshell” continues to attract attention from today’s generation.

It’s been 60 years since the young starlet died, but it makes us ask how she’s still relevant and why pop culture is obsessed with her.

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Not everyone might know her name, but people are quick to show her pictures of her gorgeous smile, retro red lips, and perfectly curled, bobbed blonde. Identify the starlet in. That’s how popular she is. But it’s not enough for her to be pretty and blonde to be forever immortalized by her pop culture. Her charisma, intelligence, innocence, passion, and her desire to be more than her sex symbol have made her rise to prominence, with the entertainment industry and the Hollywood press pushing her forward. Her distinctive trademark is enough for her to be recognized all over the world, and her sexual image, her character’s vulnerability, and whether she was a good actress, are deeply It was a juxtaposition of her insecurities exacerbated. There’s no denying that Marilyn Monroe was little more than a myth after her death. A timeless beauty that sticks and is objectified, as she always was in her prime.

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There’s always a strange obsession or obsession with dead celebrities, especially when the circumstances under which they died have the perfect ingredients to create a compelling conspiracy theory. The queer fascination perhaps focuses on her youthful image of femininity and sex. Time may be everyone’s enemy, but it’s not Marilyn’s. Given that she had very little of it, and spent most of it drowning in grief and fighting demons, her legacy is time-defying, and she seems to continue to do so in the 21st century. is.

Today, the blonde starlet continues to garner attention as she has been widely mentioned in countless movies, TV series, songs, and other forms of art. It means undoing the inhumane treatment we received in our prime. Hollywood is still far from a ruthless industry, but humanity owes Marilyn. Her glorious and cataclysmic journey as one of America’s icons reminds her of just how much she can strip from a person, piece by piece, until nothing remains of herself. Let me.

Marilyn has given a lot of herself to the world. It is only fair that we give her back what she lacked: her humanity.