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Polls show that Pennsylvania voters and business owners support keystone savings

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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, July 27, 2022 / PRNewswire /-According to AARP research Pennsylvania Voters and small business owners support the creation of Keystone Saves, a retirement savings program for workers who are inaccessible through their employers. Voters over the age of 50 are more likely to vote for candidates for governor to support the creation of Keystone Saves, according to AARP polls.In addition, four out of five small business owners surveyed by AARP Pennsylvania Congressmen need to support Keystone Saves.

Studies show that people can save as much as 15 times if they can save from their regular salary. Still, about 44 percent of hard-working Pennsylvania citizens (about 2.1 million workers) have no way to save for retirement at work. To address this, AARP Pennsylvania has proposed HouseBill 2156, which creates Keystone Saves.This program offers Pennsylvania Workers with easy ways to save regular salaries can help increase the savings needed to manage their financial future.

“Our recent research results show that we are a very clear owner of a small business in Keystone. Pennsylvania More than 50 voters want elected civilians to empower millions of Pennsylvania citizens to save for a financially safe and independent retirement. ” Bill Johnston-Walsh, AARP Pennsylvania Mayor. “Keystone Saves is a common-sense, business-friendly solution to big problems. It costs money if left unfixed. Pennsylvania Taxpayers and above $ 14 billion Public support costs for over 15 years. ”

Together, the findings reveal:

  • Cross-partisan voters over the age of 50 support Keystone Saves, with nearly 79% of Democrats, 68% independents, and 56% of Republicans.
  • 83% of black Voters over the age of 50 strongly support Keystone Saves.
  • 79% of small business owners agree Pennsylvania Congressmen need to support Keystone Saves.
  • 73% of small business owners have expressed concern Pennsylvania Residents are not saving enough money to retire and may end up relying on public assistance programs.

AARP consignment Fabrizio Ward Impact Research for conducting voter surveys.The number of companies interviewed is likely to be 1,382 Pennsylvania Voter. This includes a state-wide representative sample of 500 voters, an oversample of up to 550 voters over the age of 50, and an oversample of up to 332 African You may be a voter over the age of 50.The survey is June 12-19 From landlines, mobile phones, SMS to the web. The margin of error for 500 state-wide samples is ± 4.4%. A total of 855 samples of voters over the age of 50 is ± 3.3%.View full text Survey results..

AARP Research conducted a survey of 500 small business owners. Pennsylvania Five to 100 employees were commissioned by AARP to evaluate the state’s small business owners’ support for a public-private retirement savings program. The survey was conducted from April to May 2022. Display the entire survey results.

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