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Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. changes company name to "Pluri"

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  • Current July 26, 2022, Pururiof stock Traded under the symbol PLUR
  • New name Reflects the companyof strategy Leverage its innovative 3D cell-based technology Corresponding to various fields, various Life challenges,Also promotioning Global well-being and sustainability
  • visit our New arrival Company Website:

Haifa, Israel, July 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-Pluri Inc. (Nasdaq: PLUR) (TASE: PLUR) (“Pluri” or “Company”), a leading biotechnology company, has changed its name today. Announced (Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. Nasdaq: PSTI) leverages 3D cell expansion technology to develop innovative cell-based products that can be used in a variety of non-medical areas, in different areas of life sciences. It reflects a broad strategy of providing solutions. Beginning July 26, 2022, Pluri will begin trading on Nasdaq with the new ticker symbol “PLUR”, CUSIP number 72942G104.

Pluri’s technology continues to drive medical research and pharmaceutical development, while at the same time independently or through partnerships with new cell-based solutions for other innovative initiatives such as food technology, agricultural technology and biologics. It may also be used to create and promote. Global well-being and sustainability.

“Many industries believe that there is a great need for a cell-based development platform that is efficient, scalable, cost-effective, and consistent across batches while providing quality and accuracy. Technology provides all these and more features, “said Yaky Yanai, CEO and President of Pluri. “It’s been nearly 20 years as a pull list, and we’re proud to leverage innovative technology to increase our market share across multiple industries and grow as a pull list. The new logo dot-connect arch suggests. So, it’s time for Plurry to move from this single point to next-generation products across disciplines. “

Pluri’s first collaboration is based on an innovative 3D cell-based technology platform and was founded in January 2022 with Israeli food giant Tnuva Group to produce sustainable cultured foods.

We plan to create next-generation cell-based products that continue to enable technology, improve human well-being, increase environmental sustainability, and advance solutions to future challenges.

“Our goal is to transform cells into solutions and make the world a better place,” says Yanay. “Increasing activity across multiple disciplines means we can do more to improve human life and contribute to a more sustainable planet. We are the smallest unit of any living thing. Starting with a single cell, we aim to solve the biggest and most pressing problems on the planet. “

For more information, please visit the following new website:

about Pururi Ltd.

Pluri is pushing the boundaries of science and engineering to create cell-based products for commercial use and pioneer a biotechnology revolution that promotes world well-being and sustainability. A state-of-the-art, patented and validated 3D cell expansion system, the company’s technology platform drives new cell-based solutions for a variety of initiatives, from medicine and climate change to food shortages and animal atrocities. increase. Pluri’s method is uniquely accurate, scalable, cost effective, and consistent across batches. Pluri is currently operating in the areas of regenerative medicine and food technology, aiming to establish partnerships to leverage its 3D cell-based technology for additional industries that require effective mass cell production. I am. For more information, please visit or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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This press release contains statements regarding the explicit or implied future prospects of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and other US federal securities laws. For example, Pluri discusses future product development plans, their commercialization activities, market opportunities for our products, and the potential for our products and solutions to improve human health, increase environmental sustainability and move forward. In doing so, we use forward-looking statements. Solutions to future challenges. These forward-looking statements and their implications are based solely on the current expectations of Purli’s management, and many actual results may differ materially from those stated in the forward-looking statements. Affected by factors and uncertainties. In particular, the actual results may differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements regarding Plurry due to the following factors: Changes in technology and market requirements. Pluri may encounter delays or obstacles at the start and / or successful completion of clinical trials, if desired. The product may not be approved by the regulatory authority, the technology may not be verified as the technology progresses, and the method may not be accepted by the scientific community. You may not be able to retain or attract key employees with essential knowledge of product development. Unexpected scientific difficulties can occur in the process. The product can be more expensive than expected. Laboratory results may not translate into similarly good results in the actual clinical setting. The patent may not be sufficient. The product can harm the recipient or consumer. Legal changes with adverse effects. Unable to develop and deploy new technologies, products and applications in a timely manner. Loss of market share and pressure on pricing due to competition. This can cause the actual results or performance of Pururi to differ materially from what is expected in such forward-looking statements. Unless otherwise required by law, Pluri publishes revisions to these forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date of this document or to reflect the occurrence of unexpected events. I shall not be obliged to do so. For more information on the risks and uncertainties that affect Pluri, please refer to Pluri’s report, which is submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission from time to time.

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