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Plagood Announces Entry into Web3 with Entertain-To-Earn

Tortola, BVI, Aug. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Plagood, a groundbreaking social entertainment app that allows users to seamlessly switch to popular music videos or transform into the artists they love, is proud to announce its launch on Web3. announced entry. The release of tokens to entertain is coming. This token will reward and incentivize all key stakeholders, including users, creators and IP holders, to participate in Plagood apps. The platform has partnered with Nvidia, Universal Music, and other leading recording and publishing groups and has grown exponentially to now reach an active user base of over 80,000.

according to Plagood CEO Mike Mohr: “Plagood brings the world’s most popular artists and music to Web3. Synthetic Media is the next media unit to take over the world of social media, and we are excited to add this to our Entertain to Earn tokens and viral social entertainment applications.

Plagood was co-founded by renowned musician Timbaland and serial entrepreneur Mike More, who has had several successes in the music industry. Plagood’s native token ($PGT) enhances the creators’ fund with a fun-earn token model designed to accelerate adoption and encourage participation on the platform. The project was fostered in partnership with Assets International, who have advised on fun-and-earn token models and go-to-market strategies.

According to project officials, Plagood has many benefits. Plagood represents for the first time a Web3 application built for the next generation, not the current one, and will be a direct pipeline for millions of his Gen Z users to join his Web3. increase. A strong network of apps combines multiple activities and revenue streams to create a “sticky” entertainment experience that keeps users engaged. Additionally, the company’s equity investment and his partnership with Nvidia give Plagood access to the industry’s most cost-effective computing and cloud-his storage pricing.

Plagood brings artist content to users through synthetic media licenses covering a growing list of top artists such as Justin Timberlake, Ariana Grande and Saweetie. Being able to use these fan-favorite music will give Plagood access to hundreds of millions of fans every day.

About pluggd

Plagood builds next-generation social entertainment apps powered by advanced AI technology. Plagood allows users to redeem themselves into iconic clips of their favorite artists, taking the fan-artist relationship to a whole new level with its delightful entertainment (E2E) offerings. Learn more about Plagood Token ($PGT) or the Plagood Application here.

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