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Peabody College, Community Responds to Hillsdale College Chancellor's Comments on Public Education – The Vanderbilt Hustler

Hillsdale College President Larry Earn attends a private reception with Tennessee Governor Bill Lee on July 4. remarks deny public education. His remarks provoked a reaction from Vanderbilt’s Peabody College faculty and students.

Hillsdale College is a private, four-year college located in Hillsdale, Michigan, that operates a national charter school affiliate recently announced We plan to open up to 50 similar “classic charter schools” in Tennessee. Although grade ranges for these schools are not stated, previous charter schools affiliated with Hillsdale cover primary and secondary education. Three charter school applications related to this initiative have been submitted to the state, now was denied.

The two-hour reception was closed to the public, but Arnn said hidden cameraEarn began by criticizing the training of public school teachers. He also speculated that public school educators are taught to change the personal beliefs of their students.

“Teachers are trained in the dumbest parts of the dumbest colleges in the country,” Earn said. To Those kids…have they talked about anything other than what they’re going to do? To these kids? “

Arnn also spoke about hiring practices at higher education institutions, particularly diversity, equity and inclusion educators.

“because they [universities] You’ve appointed all of your diversity officers, what’s their degree? Education,” Ahn said. “It’s easy. You don’t have to know anything.”

Earn added that it doesn’t take expertise to educate a child. He said the drive to expand charter schools is an attempt to prove that teaching does not require expertise. Overall, Arne likened education to a plague.

“You see how education destroys generations of people,” Earn said. “It’s devastating.”

ivy academy Skilarne Elementary Schoola charter school in Hamilton County, Tennessee, ended its partnership with Hillsdale on July 6. WBIR.

“Hillsdale, who allowed us to use the Program Guide as a planning aid for our teachers, to use our time towards the mission of the school, rather than shield ourselves from attempts to mislead our efforts. Ivy Academy founder and CEO Angie Markum said in a July 9 interview, press release.

When pressed about attending a reception with Earn, Lee refused to condemn Earn’s remarks. He instead criticized “left-wing activism” and its alleged presence in public education.

While I do not agree with left-wing activism in public education, I fully support our state’s teachers who are well-trained and committed to serving the citizens of Tennessee,” Lee said. rice field. Said At a press conference on July 6th.

Peabody College responded to Earn’s remarks by statement Sent to Peabody students and shared on social media on July 6.

“We are working with other colleges and universities in Tennessee to condemn recent public statements made by Hillsdale College President Larry Earn. are in short supply,” the statement said. “At Vanderbilt, we believe that the value of teachers cannot be overstated. I am very proud of the important work we are doing.”

Some Peabody faculty members also expressed disappointment at Earn’s remarks. Peabody College Associate Dean Anita Wager said Lee: response Arnn’s comment was “horrifying”.

“Earn has a right to be heard, but Tennessee teachers deserve a governor more than silence. It was an act of cowardice not to stand up for the state’s teachers and teacher education programs.” said Weiger in an email to Hustler.

Mercy Singer Gabella, Professor of Peabody Education, Similarly, he told Hustler that he was concerned about how Earn’s comments reflected larger trends regarding public education.

Criticism is old and invalid. A vibrant public education system is essential to the flourishing of democracies and the welfare of all within them.said Gabera. “Public schools should be places where young people come together to think critically and honestly about the challenges facing Tennessee, our country and the world, and learn to be prepared to meet those challenges.”

Wager added that public education plays an important role in ensuring democracy.

“Without it, we will lose the foundation of our democracy,” Wager said. “Students must learn that there are many facets to any problem. We need to learn how to act on the decisions of

Leader of the Tennessee Education System, Government agency When teachers union It also condemns Earn’s remarks. July 8, Tennessee Superintendent of Schools (throw away) voted unanimously to refute Arne’s statement. Quoting Arnn’s six statements 2 hours reception.

“Unfortunately for Mr Earn, a public school critic, a public school education also gives us the ability to listen, analyze, discern and understand.” statement read. “It’s clear that Mr. Earn’s criticism of public schools and public school teachers is motivated by his desire to expand his charter empire to Tennessee. And by all indications, He has the support he seeks in this endeavour.”

Sophomore Mayowa Kassim, who lives in Nashville, also declined Lee’s attendance at a reception with Earn. She further criticized Lee’s views on public education in Tennessee as a whole.

“He doesn’t really care about the public, public school students, or teachers. Qasim said.

On April 18, Lee signed letter U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona, along with 17 other governors, to protest proposed changes to U.S. Department of Education charter schools program. These changes have raised the bar for charter schools to receive federal funding.

“The application of the proposed rule will only exacerbate the inequities in our education system by reducing federal support for the quality options available to millions of low-income families,” the letter said. read. “Charter schools are public schools, and many of the 3.5 million American students enrolled in charter schools are educated through the state’s public education system. We are an integral partner in providing quality options that provide competition for improving academic performance in schools near us.”

Since taking office in January 2019, Lee has made many changes to the state’s education system. On May 2nd he signed A new state education plan was enacted that not only increased spending per student, but also reduced the percentage of the state’s education budget that is spent in two-thirds of Tennessee’s school districts. Metro he states that Nashville Public Schools are a percentage of the state education budget. drop From 6.0151% in 2023 to 5.3399% in 2024.

Kassim said Arnn’s comments raise greater concerns about funding and investment in public schools across Tennessee. She said increased state investment in charter schools and private schools could create deficiencies in Tennessee’s public education system.

I think public education will do well if you invest [it]’ said Qasim.