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Patton Oswalt talks about cancel culture, new Netflix specials

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Emmy Award-winning Patton Oswalt has a busy schedule.With a long resume including credits from King of queens To Ratatouille To SHIELD agent, Comedians, actors and writers always attach great importance to returning to the roots of his stand-up comedy.

“It’s interesting,” Oswalt told The Hollywood Reporter before Netflix’s next stand-up special. We all scream.. “Everything I do in other areas, such as writing, acting, and producing, is to increase my visibility and allow me to continue to stand up. Standing up is always what I do. I Is in the process of either. Working on the next set or thinking about what the next hour will be, so instead of finding the time, everything else is standing up for me It means that it fits around. “

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We all screamScheduled to debut on Netflix on September 20, is Oswalt’s fourth stand-up hour with streamers.Oswald aiming for “how to accurately reflect the show” [he’s] I was doing it at that time. ” We all scream As the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re not necessarily in the dark, it’s like getting out of loneliness,” he said. “So I admit that I’ve been programming a lot of our own loneliness lately and trying to fight it, and in an interesting way I’m showing that it’s dangerous. I’m at some point. Say [in the special], We all remember saying before the pandemic, “I wish I could have a month for myself to put my life together.” And the universe said, “Well, what about four? And what about twelve?” So it really accepts that absurdity, the full foot aspect of the reality we live in. “

Oswalt opens about cancel culture, wakeness

As a comedian who inevitably talks about American culture and current events (such as vaccine resistance), Oswalt is not worried about keeping viewers away.

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“I think I’ve always been very confident that the audience would get up and get it, rather than trying to predict what the joke would be like in advance,” he recalled. Always explain what he says “should” based on the mood of the country. At least my audience knows that I’m joking and trying to accept the absurdity of everything we live in. “

Oswalt isn’t too worried about “cancellation culture” coming for him, and shares what he’s trying to do progressively in his material.

“I think comedians deserve context in what they say. Not only do they” cancel “from context, but comedians have a responsibility to evolve and try to move things forward. And pushing the limits forward-the whole battle for awakening, it’s not new. This happens in the 80’s, in the 90’s, and elsewhere. Form.That’s what I was talking about [in the special].. I’m joking in the future, what is the reason for the cancellation? And you don’t know, but at least you want to keep progressing. “

Oswald’s We all scream First released on Netflix on September 20th. Oswalt also produced specials with David Rath, Neal Marshall and Marcus Raboy.

His previous specials can now be streamed on Netflix.