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Patton Oswalt on 'I Love My Father', Cringe Comedy, Cancel Culture

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Patton Oswalt is okay with making you writhe. After all, the actor and comic once performed a number called “The Cringe” in an episode of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” This is a title that can explain his approach to police people.

“Real comedy comes from that moment,” says Oswalt. “I totally agree with Tracy Morgan’s adage that ‘cool is the enemy of humor.’ is born.”

A comic comic beloved by his peers and viewers alike for his ironic and observational humor, he has also proven himself to be an accomplished dramatic actor, most recently in the limited series Gaslit. plays the hatchet man Charles Colson.

But his new film, I Love My Dad, heightens the jarring while offering Oswalt a hilarious and tragic showcase role. The film was written and directed by James Morosini and is loosely based on his own true story. Morosini also stars as Franklin, a young man who cuts his father Chuck (Oswalt) out of his life. Desperate to reconnect, Chuck creates a fake Facebook profile of him based on a young woman he knows.

The film, which won the Audience Award and Grand Jury Award at this year’s SXSW Film Festival, defies the simplistic explanations positive in Oswalt’s book. “It’s a really rich and complex story,” he says. “And any film that defies easy categorization, I’m rooting for.”

Morosini has nothing but praise for his lead role. “He has a natural ability to balance light and darkness,” says the filmmaker. “He can bring a lightness to incredibly dark subjects. I knew.”

Despite being an absentee father who lies, Oswalt sympathizes with Chuck. “He’s the guy — and I’m guilty of this sometimes — he’s thinking, ‘But I want to get better.’ Isn’t that enough?” “But even if you want to do the right thing, you don’t get credit. You get it for the fucking follow-through. Likeability was never that important to actors. I was just talking. I have a problem with bad talk, but this was not the case.”

While he’s shown his range in dark movies like ‘Big Fun’ and Jason Reitman’s ‘Young Adults,’ audiences could be amazed at the depth of the actor’s acting in ‘I Love My Daddy.’ There is a nature. It’s all the more impressive considering that acting wasn’t part of his plans. When Oswalt was doing stand-up, people asked him to come audition. . He had an early role as a Seinfeld video store clerk dealing with George, but was later hired by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld to find another employee to see off customers. It was said that they cast him because he unknowingly hit a bit when he was born. “I didn’t even realize I was doing it, but it came from my retail days,” says Oswalt.

His first HBO special led to him appearing in ‘King of Queens’. That’s when he realized he needed to take things more seriously. “When you’re around really great actors like Kevin James, Leah Remini and Jerry Stiller, you see why they’re geniuses,” he says. They were spending so much time in those scenes that I realized I needed to start doing that.” I started working with Banks.

With “I Love My Dad,” which hits theaters on August 5th and VOD on August 12th, Oswalt has a busy year ahead. He plans to lend his recognizable voice to Matthew the Raven in his upcoming Netflix adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman,” and co-creator of “MODOK” on “Minor Threat.” Teaming up with a certain Jordan Blum. The first issue is August 24th.

Oswalt’s latest special, “We All Scream,” which he also directed, arrives on Netflix on September 20th. He says he touches on recent topics like pandemics and cancellation culture. I am defiantly goofy and stupid about it.

Oswalt has apologized for remarks he made in the past and publicly reversed his previous defense of comedians making jokes about rape. No,” he says. “Yeah, you’re a piece of crap. You’re a piece of shit. I made a joke with the R word. Or I ironically used the N word to make fun of racism. But I’ve seen a lot of actual I didn’t realize that I was drawing a fucking racist blueprint for , so it’s okay to go.I screwed it up.I don’t know what I’m doing I didn’t really know, and now I know.

He adds that some people use the term “canceled” to make themselves “look more dangerous than they really are.” he adds: No, if you have to tell people it’s edgy and dangerous, it’s not. You should go there and tell a fucking joke. “