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Paramount's new pop culture home is designed to move at the speed of content

Described as an “always-on” platform, Mixible is a digital derivative of Paramount’s other entertainment brands, especially its flagship Hollywood program Entertainment Tonight and ET Live.

And while there are still places for these platforms, Mixible will instead target more buzz news and gossip. Think of it as a content blender that constantly mixes entertainment and celebrity coverage from the entire Paramount portfolio into one easy-to-consume content smoothie.

Like the story it covers, Mixible has an eclectic design. Specially created by Trollbäck + Company, Mixible boasts a hypnotic and playful aesthetic that properly captures the kaleidoscopic nature of the content it reports on. Unique, bright and entertaining, it’s like the opposite of Doomscrolling.

Bo Bishop, Executive Director of Creative Strategy at Trollbäck + Company, said:

“What we’ve achieved with Mixible is fun, punchy and refreshing. It’s a pop culture hub that’s elastic enough to work across Paramount’s portfolio while maintaining its unique identity.”

At the heart of this design is a clean, simple typographic logo with a surprising twist. Invert the lowercase i and convert it to an exclamation mark instead of the correct way. What’s a better way to summarize the joy and enthusiasm of a quirky game-changing platform?

If you look closely, you can also see the X between the “i” and the “!”. Form a natural symmetry. It gives Mixible an elastic reach and stretches and adapts to different design opportunities, allowing it to fit seamlessly anywhere in the cultural landscape.

“The result is a unique identity that attracts the attention of our viewers,” said Erin Kilkenny, Associate Creative Director at Trollbäck + Company. “It’s also a deliberate ploy that opens the brand to the endless animation and graphic possibilities available to create incredibly adaptable and dynamic on-screen visuals.”

One of the sneaky ways Mixible gets attention is to minimize color. You must have been dying for a saturated, overloaded palette, but Mixible keeps things simple with the aesthetic of simple-looking black and white stripes.

This color choice also serves as a suitable neutral background for other Paramount brands to project easily and without the risk of drowning. In other words, Mixible has as vibrant and engaging freedom as the content it supports.

“With so much content to choose from, there’s a growing need for recognizable sub-brands that can help direct viewers to the genre they want to watch,” Bo adds.

“Intuitive design is more important than ever, and visual identity doesn’t have to stand out on its own. It has to deal with everything. In that respect, Mixible believes it will be a small black dress. A staple of Paramount’s pop culture wardrobe. “